#23 – RHP Chris Schwinden

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Height/Weight: 6’3”, 215 lbs

Acquired: 22nd rd 2008 (Fresno Pacific)

Born: 9/22/86

2011 Rank: N/R

Why Ranked Here: Schwinden is Dillon Gee part two. Did you realize Dillon Gee had a 1.6 bWAR in 2011, good enough for third on the team among pitchers? Fan Graphs is less charitable, assigning Gee a fWAR of 0.2 10th on the team (Schwinden checks in at 0.4 fWAR and 0.1 bWAR).

In any event, Schwinden is basically a #5 starter.  He has a full arsenal with a four-seam fastball and a two-seamer that both sit around 89-90 mph, a cutter that induces contact, a curveball and a changeup.  The fastball is very straight, but his cutter is has just enough variation to produce weak contact.  By pitch value, his changeup is his best pitch, while his curveball has nice depth.

Compare their last two full-seasons in triple-A.


Gee 10 AAA 4.96 28/28 161.3 4.0 1.3 9.7 5.9 23.7
Schwinden 11 AAA 3.95 26/26 145.67 2.8 0.9 8.5 7.8 21.8


Actually, once they reached the big leagues, Schwinden, but for some outrageous luck, outperformed Dillon Gee in the two pitchers’ debuts.

MLB Debuts


Gee 10 MLB 2.18 5/5 33 1.1 0.5 6.8 11.0 12.5
Scwinden 11 MLB 4.71 4/4 21 2.8 0.4 9.9 6.3 17.9


2011: Schwinden was a great story in 2011. The Mets started him off in the double-A Binghamton bullpen.  He was promoted to triple-A Buffalo in April only when the Bisons needed a spot starter.  He responded with a magical 0.96 ERA in his first five games in Buffalo to earn his rotation spot for the rest of the season.

He made his MLB debut September 8, 2011.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Back-end starter who makes a bunch of money in the big leagues

Debbie Downer Says: He rides the Buffalo/Queens shuttle, and kicks around between AAA and the Major Leagues for the next few years.

Projected 2012 Start: Buffalo (Battling with Jeremy Hefner to be first call-up after the first starter’s injury.)

MLB Arrival: 2011

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