#33 – 2B Jordany Valdespin

Bats/Throws: L/R

Height/Weight: 6’0”/174 lbs

Acquired: NDFA

Born: 12/23/87 (San Pedro de Macoris, DR)

2009 Rank: NR

Why Ranked Here: Valdespin has some obvious gifts: he’s a plus runner with a live body.  Moreover, Mets people complemented the work he did in instructional league in the DR after season’s end. 

2009: It was a long and windy year for Valdespin.  An incredibly hot April in Savannah (.385/.406/.615) carried him to a .322/.366/.480 line in Savannah through June 2.  Valdespin was much more ordinary in May (.267/.330/.372) before an injury sidelined him for almost all of June and July.  When he reappeared in August, he played a games in the DSL, a week in the GCL and then three weeks for Brooklyn to help the Cyclones’ playoff push.  With Brooklyn, Valdespin hit like it was May in the SAL going .279/.338/.397 in 18 games.  Scouts, who liked his speed, scoffed at his baseball instincts.

Dr. Pangloss Says: With his speed, Valdespin could be a top of the order threat if he learns to control the strike zone.

Debbie Downer Says: Um, yeah, what are the odds he does learn that crucial ability?  He drew five walks in 18 games in the NYP and 11 in 39 games in the SAL as a 21-year old.  He’ll be 22 in 2010 in his first taste of the FSL.  He’s just another guy who can run without the actual skill set that would help a MLB lineup.

Projected 2010 Start: The starting 2B at St. Lucie.

There are 5 comments

  1. mistermet

    Was it true that he also had some discipline problems (not plate discipline but off the field discipline) or was that just a rumor that I read somewhere?

  2. NateW

    Debbie needs midol today… ;)

    Another interesting one to watch. He not only needs plate discipline, but some control on the bases as well as he seemed to have a run until they tag you out approach. His nice OBP isn’t very useful if he’s tagged out at second.

  3. theperfectgame

    Hey Toby, just a heads up. In your left sidebar, you mistyped Angel CUAN’s name as Angel CUANA, which I initially read as Angel GUANO, which, sadly, seems most appropriate.

    Still, it’s hard to be pessimistic about anything while basking in the glow of the four most beautiful words in the English language: pitchers and catchers report

    1. Toby Hyde

      I always associate the word guano with the phrase bat guano. It makes me think of caves and dark places, which is totally the wrong thought on the day “pitchers and catchers report.”

      I just learned that Guano can be used both as a fertilizer and as an ingredient in gunpowder and that wars were fought in the 19th century in part over stores of guano. Stunning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guano.

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