B-Mets Hitting Coach Luis Natera Promoted to MLB Staff as Assistant Hitting Coach

The Mets have named Hitting Coach Luis Natera, who is beginning his 24th (!) season with the Mets to the new position of assistant hitting coach for the big league team.  Natera, who had been the AA Binghamton hitting coach for seven years, had been already named to the same position for 2014. So, now the B-Mets will get a new hitting coach this year.

Natera began the 2009 season in AAA Buffalo, but was sent to AA Binghamton in June when the Bisons’ offense was anemic. At the time, I argued that had more to do with the fact that there were too many guys on the AAA roster who did not belong in AAA rather than a reflection of Natera’s coaching.

Andy Martino reports that some Mets players had lobbied pushed for AAA hitting coach George Greer to get the job.
Mike Vorkunov counts the Mets as the 20th MLB team with an assistant hitting coach.

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