B-Mets Name New Staff – Same as the Old Staff

bmetslogoThe AA Binghamton Mets announced their 2013 field staff and it’s exactly the same as their 2012 field staff. Pedro Lopez will be the manager, Glenn Abott will be the pitching coach and Luis Natera will serve as the hitting coach.

After a string of five years in which it seemed like no manager spent more than one year in any place, it’s nice to see some stability in the system. After all, Wally Backman is returning to Buffalo, and the early indications are that the a-ball staffs will at least look similar to last year.

Lopez has worked his way up through the Mets’ system from a-ball hitting coach, to rookie ball manager, and then AA manager. He’s disciplined, organized and his teams play hard for him. Abbott came to the Mets from the Padres, with stops in Oakland and Texas before that so he’s an Alderson/dePodesta guy. He started in the Mets system in 2011 in Savannah. By my count, 2013, will be his 28th year as a professional coach. The man has charted somewhere around a million pitches in his life, and combines a deep feel for the game, with strong teaching. Natera’s been in the Mets’ system for 22 years, teaching hitting and managing internationally. I don’t know him as well as I know Lopez or Abbott, but he’s always had time for my questions.

Sorry, its been slow around here. I’ve had a busy week of work.

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