B-Mets Roster (Holt on DL)

The Binghamton Mets have released their opening day roster. Brad Holt, who was slated for Friday nights game, is going to open the the DL, due to a right wrist injury. Eric Niesen will get the opening day assignment, when the B-Mets take on Akron tonight. Read here, for the rest of the scheduled rotation. The B-Mets bullpen will include Clint Everts, Josh Stinson, Roy Merritt, and Dylan Owen.

Shawn Rigggans will be the primary catcher. The infield will include Nick Evans, Zach Lutz, Jose Coronado, Hector Pellot, and Marshall Hubbard. Kirk Nieuwenhuis leads the outfield which also includes Lucas Duda, Carlos Guzman, and D.J. Wabick.

Joining Holt on the DL will be pitchers Ryan Coultas, Emary Frederick, and John Madden. Shawn Bowman is on the inactive list, after being designated for assignment on 4/5.

The fact that Evans is on this roster is puzzling. Having had a successful 2008 in AA, then getting called up the New York, Evans spent most of his 2009 season in AAA. He has been in the big leagues for parts of the last 2 seasons, and now he is starting in AA? It sure seems like Mets management has lost faith in Evans abilities. To think that there is not a spot for him in AAA is very revealing. Once thought as a promising prospect, Evans seems to have fallen out of favor with the Mets.
Holt’s injury is a mystery but the fact that Holt is with the team and not in extended spring training for rehab, is a good sign that the injury is not too serious, and will return to the rotation soon.

Note: For all you who have been wondering, I believe Reese Havens was scheduled to be in AA, but is sidelined by an oblique injury.

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