BA, & Newsday Diss the Mets Draft

mlb-draft-2009It’s unanimous thus far among draftniks, no one liked the Mets 2009 draft.

Ken Davidoff in Newsday does an excellent job by getting some inside information into the Mets failure to sign sixth round pick David Buchanan:

In Buchanan’s case, the Mets knew before drafting him that the young man wanted a $200,000 signing bonus, not outrageous (albeit over slot). Yet by the time they bid $185,000 this past week, Buchanan already had moved into his residence at Georgia State, secured loans and grants and taken a team photo. At that point, he wasn’t going to accept an offer he probably would have taken in July.

In other words, the Mets’ own ineptitude — and nothing else — cost themselves another pitching prospect.

Emphasis added.  The first piece of Davidoff’s article, an interview with UZR creator Mitchel Lichtman is a very worthwhile read as well.

Writing for Baseball America, John Manuel dissected the draft’s winners and losers and placed the Mets in the “Losers” camp.

While the cross-town Yankees spend money like nobody’s business in the draft, the Mets toe the line. …. The Mets failed to sign their fifth- and sixth-rounders, and only had two players—Matz and 13th-round pick Zach Dotson, a Georgia prep lefty signed for $500,000—who signed for as much as the Yankees gave their 44th-round pick. No large-revenue team uses its money less in the draft than the Mets.

Emphasis added.  Joining the Mets on the losers list were the Rangers, Rays, Blue Jays and Rays first-rounder Levon Washington, who didn’t sign with the Rays.

At, Keith Law ranked the teams’ draft performances and placed the Mets 2nd worst behind the Blue Jays.

… The half-million-dollar bonus went to Zack Dotson, a high school lefty from Georgia with a good curveball, an average fastball with some life and a bad delivery. In a new stadium in the majors’ biggest media market, the Mets shouldn’t be bringing up the rear in draft budgets, but they are.

Emphasis added.  Law’s bottom five teams in terms of draft performance were the Jays, Mets, Rangers, Rays and Braves.

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  1. Grapeweasel

    Everyone is criticizing the Mets for being cheap, but no one seems to have a productive idea as to where they should have spent the money.

    No one thinks they should have thrown too much money at Magnifico. As for the rest, what difference would a hundred thousand here or a hundred thousand there.

    Fans think giving a player a million dollars makes someone a million dollar talent.

    It doesn’t.

    The idea is to get a million dollar’s talent for your million dollars…..

  2. Paul W

    Do you happen to know if the Mets decision to refrain from acting like a large market team stems from ownership or the GM’s office?

    1. big baby

      it’s quite clear it’s from the ownership.

      what GM would pass up the chance to draft really good players?

      the wilpons are on record as being in favor of the slot system.

      aka, fuck the wilpons.

  3. Toby Hyde

    I think this is actually a really interesting and important question. I believe it starts with ownership, but the GM and the baseball operations side can no longer duck accountability on this issue as well.

    1. big baby

      what possible motive would omar have to not want to sign good players?

      this is what jeff just said, RE: Matz/slotting

      “We’re in favor of the slotting system. Sometimes it gets a little out of whack because different teams go way out of the process. If everybody played within the process, we’d be happy to play there. There’s a couple of instances where you have to go out of it because people around you have done that and it costs everybody money.”

      aka, i’m a cheap moron who is bff with selig for helping us steal the mets from doubleday

      old money = scared money

      1. Toby Hyde

        Absolutely, it starts at the top. Minaya and the baseball side has been willing to talk ownership into spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Beltran, Santana, Delgado, Wagner, Pedro and K-Rod at the high end, or poorly conceived deals to Perez and Castillo. The Wilpons signed the checks because their baseball people asked them to. On the draft, we don’t know what the baseball people are saying to ownership, but if it was a priority for the baseball ops side, do you think they could talk ownership into loosening the purse strings? I do, actually. Look, a “big” draft budget is less than what Oliver Perez makes in half a year. Minaya has been around for five years now. He should bear some responsibility for organizational priorities at this point too.

      2. big baby

        it has nothing to do with the money.

        it has to do with principle.

        the wilpons will not go overslot out of principle and loyalty to selig.

      3. Chip Armonaitis

        A very wise man once said –

        “When someone says – it not the money, its the principle, 95% of the time, its money.”

  4. Obama_MetFan

    I think that this team has been working in getting a better farm and they are doing it slowly they had started with real young guys and if we keep doing this in 2 years we’ll be one of the better farms in the league but my concern with this is if the major league team will win in this 2 years that i think will take the farm to take shape because if we start trading the prospects to win in the mlb then we will be doing the same thing plus we need somebody that can really make good decisions with the players because as big and strong that the players look they lose the confidence and i dont know if im in the downside of this but im pleased with this year signings !

    1. NateW

      You can’t build a good farm system with one good draft out of every five. When they actually had the good draft and suddenly real prospects start to emerge it looks like the farm system is improving. But they have to bring in those kinds of players every year to actually improve it.

      This draft was a step towards having a barren farm system once Davis, Havens and Holt make the Mets or turn out to be busts.

  5. ihob419

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a fan of a team that is as poorly mismanaged top to bottom as the Mets.

    Have they seen the trends in baseball thinking? The days of buying aging juiced players are over. Almost every single playoff bound team these past few years have come from their farm systems.

    Instead of investing in their farm, the Mets continued to invest in old aging players who were past their primes or a year away. For the past three years we have been complaining about the Mets frugal spending on their farm system. Electing instead to keep the team a float with expensive Free Agents who cost the Mets important draft picks.

    They leave players in the NY-Penn League just for ticket sales in Brooklyn. I get it the Wilpon’s have deep Brooklyn roots based on the new Ebbets Field and desire to win there as opposed to developing players for their team in Queens.

    Rush prospects who aren’t ready hindering their development further. Don’t spend on the draft, but spend on guys who wouldn’t get the million dollar contracts else where.

    Horrible medical reports, rushing players back from injury.

    I understand the Mets had a very unfortunate year in terms of injuries, but the holes in organizational philosophies have really come to light this year. Organizational depth and development need to take a larger role in order to rise back to where we had hoped to be after the successful yet upsetting year of 2006.

    Instead we are forced to watch the Phillies take another Division Title, making the right moves at the deadline to bolster their team further.

    Don’t believe me, how are the Cubs doing after all their big ticket Free Agents? No world series appearance to show for it.

    It is truly sad to rather watch a Yankee game because of the entertainment value than wallow in the depressing sight of yet another Mets debacle. This is the only site I look at for the Mets, because it shows that there is still hope. I’m sorry for rambling but I’m just a defeated, depressed, dumpster diving Mets fan. lets go mets : (

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