BA: Matt Harvey was the #1 Prospect in the International League

In case you missed, oh the last two months of the Mets’ season, you missed out on the fact that Matt Harvey is excellent and one of the big reasons for optimism about the Mets’ future. And just a few months ago, he was a top pitching prospect in Buffalo. In light of that last fact, John Manuel at Baseball America has named him the AAA International League’s top prospect. It seems like a funny award for a guy who has already had big league success and pitched enough that he’s no longer rookie eligible in 2013, but that’s the way these lists go.

Manuel placed RHP Jeurys Familia on his list at #14 in the IL.

His comments on Familia’s stuff ring true:

He can work at 94-95 mph and touch 97 with his fastball, but he doesn’t command it despite a compact arm action. More thrower than pitcher, he falls behind in the count often enough to get punished, even by Triple-A hitters.

His short, hard slider is a plus pitch at times and his sinking changeup has its moments, but Familia trusts neither pitch because of their inconsistency.

Manuel is chatting at 3 pm as well.


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