BA: Michael Fulmer #13 and Domingo Tapia #18 in the SAL

Baseball America is back with their South Atlantic League Top 20 Prospects list, slotting RHP Michael Fulmer at #13 and RHP Domingo Tapia at #18.

Obviously, no RHP Rafael Montero, RHP Jacob deGrom or 3B Aderlin Rodriguez. Montero, I suspect will be on the Florida State League list, but I confess I am still fuzzy on BA’s eligibility requirements by league.

On Fulmer:

“He improved in every phase of the game this year,” Savannah manager Luis Rojas said. “His command got better, his secondary pitches got better and his sequences got better. He’s a smart kid with tools.”

Fulmer sit 93-95 and can touch 96 or 97 on a given night. His slider got much better, and he’s just 19. He’s definitely among the Mets’ better prospects.


On Tapia:

Tapia had as much pure arm strength as anyone in the league. He repeatedly throws his fastball at 95-98 mph, working both sides of the plate and occasionally featuring good sink. Tapia worked diligently to improve the quality of his curveball and changeup, having more success with the latter.

I saw a lot of Tapia. By the second half of the season, he had almost stopped throwing his cuveball/slider in games. However, he had introduced a four-seamer to get in on lefties and stay away from righties. It too was nasty. I’m not sure four-seam and sinking two-seamer and changeup with sink (at 88-91) are enough to start. However, there were scouts who thought that his fastaball changeup combo were nearly enough to pitch in a big league bullpen almost immediately.

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