Baseball America Hot Sheet Wrapup

Now that the minor league season is complete, although the playoffs are still going on, the season wraps are coming. Baseball America did a wrap of their weekly Hot Sheet.

First, on a player, by player basis, they assigned points for each appearance, and based on a sliding scale for each player’s location in each appearances, and RHP Zack Wheeler checked in at #7 overall in “Hot Sheet points.” The only guys ahead of him were OF Wil Myers, LHP Danny Hultzen, RHP Trevor Bauer, RHP Jose Fernandez, SS Alen Hanson and 1B Anthony Rizzo.

The surprise is that overall, the Mets had the second most “Hot Sheet points” as an organization behind only the Arizona Diamondbacks and were tied with the Marlins for the second-most players ranked in the Top 13 on a weekly basis. This of course does not mean that the Mets have the second-best system in baseball although its ranking should rise based on the progress of a number of key players. Rather, a number of Mets from Wheeler, 1B/2B/3B Wilmer Flores, Matt Harvey and guys like RHP Michael Fulmer, RHP Domingo Tapia and RHP Luis Mateo each had standout weeks.

As BA put it in their writeup:

…the strong seasons by Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey and Wilmer Flores gave New York a big boost this year. The Mets also got plenty of appearances from their talented Class A pitching staffs.

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