Baseball America: Mets Top 10

baseball-america-logo.jpgBaseball America is up with their Top 10 Mets prospects:

They go with:

1. RHP Zack Wheeler
2. SS Gavin Cecchini
3. OF Brandon Nimmo
4. RHP Luis Mateo
5. RHP Rafael Montero
6. 3B/2B Wilmer Flores
7. RHP Michael Fulmer
8. RHP Jeurys Familia
9. RHP Domingo Tapia
10. RHP Cory Mazzoni


Their write up is here. Scouting reports for subscribers are here. Matt Eddy will talk about the list at 1:30.

In terms of comments, I think it’s clear that Wheeler is the clear number one, by a healthy margin.

Nimmo, Cecchini and Flores are the top three position players in the system. They all have fairly different profiles in terms of whether they will contribute offensively and defensively, and I still have Flores the highest of the three off his AA performance in 2012 and his proximity to the big leagues, but I would not fight the rationale for ranking either of the other two above him too strongly given his defensive limitations.

Pitchers. Oh boy. I just cannot rank Luis Mateo that high. There’s a big fastball there certainly, but his size and delivery scream reliever to me.

Finally, there’s the omission Jacob deGrom. Many of the scouts who watched the Gnats this year liked him more than Fulmer and Tapia. Yes, he’s old, but the arm is real.



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