BP-Mets Top 11 Prospect List

Kevin Goldstein, of Baseball Prospectus, published his Top 11 Mets Prospects. Here is the list with a few notes from Goldstein:

1. Jenrry MejiaHis heater sits at 93-95 mph, touches 98, and features heavy, hard sink.
2. Fernando MartinezMartinez still shows star-level offensive potential. He’s a good outfielder with an above-average arm.
3. Wilmer FloresFlores has big offensive potential. His bat speed ranks with anyone in the system.
4. Ike DavisDavis has classic first-base tools, with a good feel of the strike zone and plus to plus-plus raw power.
5. Jon NieseThe most advanced pitching prospect in the system.
6. Brad HoltHe fills the strike zone with a 91-94 heater that touches 96 mph when he reaches back for more.
7. Kirk NieuwenhuisNieuwenhuis is a big athlete with solid tools across the board.
8. Josh TholeThole is a pure contact hitter who slaps balls to all fields, is especially difficult to strike out.
9. Kyle AllenHe’s long and projectable, and he flashed a solid slider and changeup at various times last year.
10. Ruben TejadaTejada could be a second-division starting middle infielder or, at the very least, a nice utility player.
11. Reese HavensHe could be a low-average second baseman who makes up for it with walks and power.

Goldstein also adds 4 more:
12. Jeurys FamiliaFamilia had the best pure arm on an impressive staff at Low-A Savannah last year.
13. Cesar PuelloAn athletic Dominican who has impressive tools.
14. Jefry MarteMarte wasn’t ready for a full-season league, but he has the ability to move back up the list.
15. Juan UrbinaHe’s a big bonus Venezuelan who has crazy upside, but he needs considerable refinement.

To read about Goldstein’s summary of the Mets’ farm system, as well as more detailed notes on these players, click here.

There are 5 comments

    1. Not4Nuttin

      Splitting hairs a little bit there Nick, although I agree with you. And while we are splitting hairs . . . I’d slot in Familia just ahead of Havens, and drop Puello out of the top 15 and slide in Robert Carson in his place. Not that I am so down on Puello, but just think more of Carson right now.

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