Brad Holt and Daniel Murphy Earn PoW Honors

Brad Holt was named the Arizona Fall League’s Pitcher of the Week for Week 2.  In his nine AFL innings, he’s allowed four hits, four walks and struck out nine.  Scouts have noted that he’s working in the low 90s and touching 95 and been working on an upper-80s cutter-type offering that is, to quote one, just “meh” right now.

Daniel Murphy, despite going hitless in his first two games had three doubles in his third, which was enough to earn Aguilas’s team Player of the Week, says Adam Rubin.

You can follow all of the Mets playing in winter-ball here at’s aggregate page.  They’ve had this feature for a few years on their proprietary site, but I hadn’t seen it publicly available before.  So good job

There are 3 comments

  1. garik16

    Guessing when Holt will start again, it seems that he will start in a non-PitchFX park again, and then MAYBE hit a pitchFX start in his 5th start.


  2. Bren

    FWIW, Kieth Law tweeted the other day that Holt was hitting 95 MPH, but his secondary stuff still leaves much to be desired. Sounds a lot like Pelfrey and Parnell to me. Hopefully some new blood in the system will be able to teach these guys a decent wrinkle or two…

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