Breaking: Dan Murphy to AAA

After Thursday’s game Dan Murphy was promoted to AAA New Orleans. Reaction and quotes coming later…He leaves the Eastern League hitting .308/.374/.496 with 26 doubles and 13 homers.

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  1. The Man

    First off I want to say congrats to Daniel Murphy for making it to AAA, I have a feeling him and kunz will up sometime soon to help this team with a playoff push.

    Second, I need you to answer a question. A friend and me are having a big debate over who the better prospect is..

    I say Murphy and he says Carp.

    Who do you think is the better prospect?

  2. NateW

    congrats to Murphy…

    about time one of these guys gets to go up to AAA. I’ve really tired of seeing Anderson’s Hernandez and Machado in the Zephers box scores everyday…
    Hopefully Evans doesnt go back to AA this year.

    I say Murphy over Carp because they seem to have similar hitting abilities while Murphy can play some more premium defensive positions. Carp would have to be better with the stick to be an equal prospect because he is only 1B/LF.

  3. WC

    Hi, Billy Mays here!

    Do you need a left fielder?

    Is your 2b manned by a collection of geriatrics and slap hitters?

    Has your primary lefty bench bat fallen off the face of the earth?

    Fill all your needs in one super, mega, 3 for the price of 1 deal! For a limited time only! Get your authentic Mighty Putty Dan Murphy for one easy payment of $390,000!

    Call within the next 2 weeks and we’ll throw in one hard throwing sinkerballer absolutely free!

    Sorry, no CODs.

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