Breaking: Las Vegas is Tough for Pitcher Development

Cashman Field (Brender)

– Ted Berg at USA Today has a wonderful in-depth look at how difficult Las Vegas is for player development thanks to its offensive friendly ways.

A few great quotes:

“Breaking balls don’t break that well,” 51s manager Wally Backman says. “Guys come in who are supposed to have good breaking balls, and the breaking ball isn’t doing much. The high altitude has an effect on all that stuff.”

J.P. Ricciardi, who had Las Vegas as the team’s AAA affiliate when he was with the Blue Jays addressed adjusting a pitchers’ stats.

You’re not going to come out of there with a 2.70 or a 3.10, 3.20 ERA. You’re probably going to have to add a run a game,” he says. “But it still comes down to if you’re executing. If you’re making your pitches and you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, that’s how you’re going to be evaluated.

– And to make things worse, it’s been windy in Vegas recently and the 51s are doing what they can to adjust writes Paul Delos Santos in the Las Vegas Sun. According to 51s manager Wally Backman: “The last seven home runs that were hit here for the last two or three days, six of them were just pop-ups on a normal day.”

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