Co-Players of the Year: Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans

Daniel Murphy LF/1B/2B/3B

MLB: .360/.448/.528, 7 2B, 3B, 2 HR, 15 BB, 16 K – 89 AB, 37 G

AA: .308/.374/.496, 26 2B, 3B, 13 HR, 39 BB, 46 K – 357 AB, 95 G

What he is: a good MLB hitter, and a productive Met

Where he came from: The Mets 13th round pick in 2006 out of Jacksonville University

When he grows up: I hope an above average 2B. Murphy has been a big help to the Mets in 2008, but is unlikely to hit .360 forever. If you subtract 70 points from his MLB line he drops to .290/.380/.460, which looks a little more realistic. NL leftfielders have averaged .271/.350/.455 in 2008, so put Murphy in LF and he’s an average player. However, he’s a converted infielder who played a little bit at secondbase in AA. He showed some aptitude for the position. He made the routine plays and hung in well on double plays. His range is the question, but the Mets have made do with below average defense at second all year. The value of his bat would be maximized at the keystone where the NL position average is .269/.336/.406.  Murphy is known throughout the system for his work ethic.  I trust that motivated to learn 2B, and while playing there daily, he could become at least competant there.

Nick Evans LF/1B

MLB: .270/.305/.400, 10 2B, 1 HR, 6 BB, 22 K – 100 AB, 43 G

AA: .311/.365/.561, 18 2B, 7 3B, 14 HR, 26 BB, 64 K – 296 AB, 75 G

What he is: a valuable weapon against lefties, and a developing MLB hitter

Where he came from: The Mets 5th round pick in 2004 out of St. Mary’s HS

When he grows up: He’s a potential contributor to a good team either in an OF corner or at 1B, although he might be best suited to be the righty half of a platoon. Evans was clearly overmatched when the Mets, in desperate need for an outfielder in May, brought him up.  He hit .226/.242/.323 in his first 31 AB. Over his last 69 AB, he’s hit a more robust .290/.333/.435 with seven doubles and his first big league homer. In 2008, Evans has displayed significant platoon splits in both AA and the big leagues.







Vs. L






Vs. R












Vs. L






Vs. R






I’m sympathetic to the argument that we’re dealing with small sample sizes, but the pattern is clear over almost 400 AB.

Other candidates for the Sterling Organization Player of the Year Award: Wilmer Flores

Edited: 1:34 ET Tuesday.

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  1. mrmustseetv

    Toby, I couldn’t agree more on the thoughts on Murphy. I worry that Mets fans always seem to overvalue its own prospects. Thus goes back to the days of the Anthony Youngs, the Alex Ochoas, the Alex Escobars, the Benny Agbayanis, the Bruce Chens, the Glendon Ruschs of the world. Mets fans thnk every prospect will be an All Star.

    I like Murphy, but let’s take him for what he is. A solid hitter that shows good discipline that may translate into a nice .290 hitter. He’s not the next Ted Williams.

    Also, I agree if he sticks in left then he’s an average left fielder. However, if you put him at second then his bat becomes an asset as you have a good bat at a position traditionally a defensive one.

    He seems like a hard worker. I thinks he’s too big and his footwork seems a tad below average, so he won’t be a great second basemen defensively, but can he be worst than Jeff Kent?

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