Comparison- Brad Emaus & Justin Turner

All indications point to an open competition for the Mets starting 2nd base job. While Luis Castillo and Daniel Murphy will be in the mix as well, lets look at possibly the options on the minor league side of the competition. Brad Emaus and Justin Turner should both get an opportunity to showcase their talents during spring training.  Let’s look at their career minor league numbers, and compare the two.

Brad Emaus

’07-NYPL (SS-A) 21 136 31 6 0 2 12 26 .228 .298 .316 7.9 17.1
’08 – FSL (A+) 22 473 143 34 3 12 60 56 .302 .380 .463 11.0 10.3
’09- EL (AA) 23 505 128 28 2 10 59 69 .253 .336 .376 10.2 11.9
’10 -EL/PCL (AA/AAA) 24 445 129 32 3 15 81 69 .290 .397 .476 15.2 12.9
TOTALS 1559 431 100 8 39 212 220 .276 .364 .426 11.7 12.2

Justin Turner

’06 -PIO (RK) 21 231 78 16 3 6 23 38 .338 .411 .511 8.7 14.4
’07-MWL/FSL (A-A+) 22 486 149 25 4 10 40 74 .307 .369 .436 7.4 13.8
’08-FSL/SOU (A+/AA) 23 416 124 22 2 8 45 73 .298 .367 .418 9.5 15.4
’09- IL (AAA) 24 387 116 28 0 2 34 37 .300 .362 .388 7.7 8.4
’10 -IL (AAA) 25 396 125 30 1 12 33 51 .316 .374 .487 7.4 11.5
TOTALS 1916 592 121 10 38 175 273 .309 .373 .442 8.1 12.7

Looking at their numbers, we can draw some conclusions in this comparison.  Emaus’ high doubles totals tell me that there should be an increase in his HR totals as he matures.  Emaus also has the advantage in BB% and K%, yet Turner has a higher OBP%.  Turner also has shown he consistently hits .300 every year, while showing decent power.

Turner’s weakness is in his defense.  He lacks the range of an ideal second baseman, but has the ability to play both 3rd as well as some SS.  Emaus on the other hand, does not provide any ability to play SS, but can adequately handle 2B as well as 3B.  Neither of these guys has any speed, so their bats are what gives them the opportunity to play everyday.

I got a chance to breakdown Emaus’ swing here, and I came away very impressed.  My gut feeling is that Emaus will have the early edge in camp to win the job.  Mets Assistant GM, J.P. Riccardi drafted Emaus in Toronto, and knows him pretty well.  The Mets used their first Rule V draft pick on Emaus, so he must stay on the roster all year.  If not he must be sold back to Toronto.

To me Turner is more of a utility guy than Emaus, mainly because of his lack of an everyday defensive position.  Turner has more value to this team, by being able to play multiple positions, as well as a pinch hitter of the bench.  Emaus profiles as more of a true everyday 2nd baseman, and his power potential exceeds that of Turner’s.

While Emaus is no slam dunk to win the starting job, because the Mets took him in the Rule V draft tells me the organization will give him every opportunity to win the job.  Look for this to be one of the most competitive position battles in Mets camp.

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    1. Tommy2cat

      Here’s the thing…the way I see it, Turner, Emaus & Havens are all legitimate 2nd base prospects. Daniel Murphy deserves a spot on the roster, but I question whether he can handle the position on a daily basis, as I’m concerned about his range.

      I always thought that Murphy should be tutored at catcher, so he could be an infield super-sub with the ability to handle 1st, 2nd, 3rd and catcher – a 3rd catcher that hits from the left side is a rare commodity.

      Back to second. Not difficult to analyze. All things being equal, Emaus gets the nod because of his Rule 5 draft status. Turner has options, Emaus does not.

      If Beltran’s knee gets balky, Pagan should play center (if he isn’t already), and Duda should be developed into a rightfielder. Nick Evans and can man the 4th & 5th outfielder slots.


      Bench: Paulino, Murphy, Evans, Duda, Hu

  1. Tony Bernazard

    I agree you do very nice work on this site Michael. I believe that Emaus definitely has the leg up on Turner. He seems to fit the type of player Alderson and company values, he’s cheap and has to stay on the roster to become ours. Turner, I believe, still can be optioned to the minors as well which doesn’t help his chances at all. Looks like Buffalo could have a very nice line-up. Nieuwenhuis (cf)
    Tejada (ss)
    Martinez (rf)
    Satin (1b)
    Duda (lf)
    Lutz (3b)
    Turner (2b)
    Nickeas (c)

  2. stickguy

    I was under the impression that Turner was out of options. Does anyone know definitively if he can be sent downthis year?

    I could see emaus winning the job. DOes seem to fit the profile they like. But, just not sure what the job is. If murphy sticks, will it be a platoon 2B or purely bench job? If bench, Turner is possibly a better option. Actually, turner put up great numbers vs. LHP last year, so a platoon makes a lot of sense.

    I wonder what Emaus does as splits?

    anyway, hard to see all 3 (inc. Murphy) making the roster, but Murphy + one other most likely. And giving the RH hitting aspect, not sure that both Emaus and Turner make it if Murphy doesn’t.

    If nothing else, should be a fun ST with some actual position battles for a change.

    1. theperfectgame

      I can say definitively that Turner has 2 option years remaining. Murphy and Tejada each have 2 as well. Emaus has 3, although that’s not directly relevant since he’s a Rule V draftee and can’t be sent down without first being offered back to Toronto. However if the Mets did want to send him down, they could potentially work out a deal with Toronto so they could keep Emaus and then they’d be free to option him to Buffalo.

      I’d be surprised to see all 3 on the roster at the same time. At least before September…

      1. NateW

        There is also the step where every other team would have a chance to claim Emaus and take on the Rule 5 stipulations before Toronto would be involved. Would be a tough one to risk.

      2. NateW

        since we’re talking options do you know what the situation is with Nickeas? Its an odd one for me since when he was due for his option years they released and resigned him as a minor league free agent.
        Could play a role this year when they miss Paulino.

  3. whynot

    Turner absolutely has options left.

    I think it’s kind of strange that Turner can handle SS, but Emaus is a better 2B. That’s quite an anomaly. Can you elaborate Michael?

    I think Emaus and Murphy will be the combo b/c Turner has options and clearly they value what Emaus can do.

    1. sylvan

      Well, Turner has played a few dozen games at SS in the minors. So he may not be any good there, but he at least has pro experience at the position. How much credit you give him for that experience is up to you.

  4. Tony Bernazard

    I could be wrong but what I have gathered from researching Emaus is that he isn’t the fastest runner, but an excellent base runner instead. Gets good jumps, knows how to take the extra base, reads pitchers and defenses well. Seems what he lacks in skills he makes up for in baseball smarts. An Alderson kind of player.

  5. PhlavioPhega

    I know that everyone is picking Hu to make the team but a healthy Reyes is never going to sit. So… Carrying Turner AND Emaus is possible.

    12 Spots Go To Pitchers

    1. J. Reyes
    2. A. Pagan
    3. D. Wright
    4. C. Beltran
    5. I. Davis
    6. J. Bay
    7. D. Murphy
    8. J. Thole

    1. R. Paulino
    2. L. Duda/N. Evans
    3. J. Pridie/F.A.

    I could give those two spots to Emaus and Turner. Turner would be able to relieve Reyes at SS and their bats would both be better than Hu. Both Emaus and Turner could possibly end up Platooning with Murphy and getting starts for Davis against power lefties.

  6. HarryDoyle

    I got the bench:
    Hu (defensive replacement at 2B is handy)
    Emaus (Rule-5, righty platoon with Murphy)
    Evans (Corner infielder and ourfielder)
    Pridie/FA (Good defensive outfielder)

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