d’Arnaud Links

Both the New York Daily News and the NY Post ran Travis d’Arnaud stories this morning with quotes from d’Arnaud and his high school coach.

The Daily News begins with a call from David Wright to d’Arnaud to welcome him to the Mets organization. The Post focuses on his desire to make the Mets out of spring training.

Again, the issue with d’Arnaud breaking camp with the Mets is that it would cost the Mets a year of control – not arbitration, but control – if he started the season in the bigs. Players become free agents after their sixth season. If he were to break camp with the Mets, and spend the entire 2013 season in the big leagues, and every year thereafter, he would be under the Mets control for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 and likely be a super-two with four years of arbitration along the way. Were he to spend the first month or so in the minors, 2013 would not count as a full year of service time, and he would not be free agent eligible until after 2019. This stuff matters.


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