Draft Thoughts

So, about a week after the signing deadline and judging from the emails in my inbox, it’s past time I commented on the completed Mets draft.  It’s a very Mets draft.

– As the team has done recently, they targeted a player they wanted early, this time Harvey  and spent the money to get him.  Remember, the Mets have paid handsomely for pitchers, including Mike Pelfrey, Philip Humber and Steven Matz at the top of their draft classes.

– The Mets then went with college position players who signed for slot (Forsythe and Vaughn) or less (den Dekker) before moving towards pitching.

– As they did with Kyle Allen in 2008, the Mets took a great risk in the 24th round round chasing a first round talent in Erik Goeddel, who did in fact sign, and becomes one of the highest ceiling arms in the system.

– According to Baseball America, the Mets ranked 20th out of 30 MLB teams in total spending in 2010, or 104% of their recommended slot amount, 19th among MLB teams.

(Michael Diaz)- It was clear to me that the Mets front office targeted pitching, with 29 pitchers drafted (50 overall draftees).  The lack of power arms in the organization is a glaring need.  Harvey, Goeddel, and Morris will increase that total somewhat, but  there were players that the Mets could have taken and passed due to price tag.  Overall I feel this was a better draft class than “experts” predicted, but the Mets (as we all know already), need to flex their financial muscle and add more talented players in a sytem in need of talent.

– I’ve reordered the Mets’ draft by bonus amount rather than by round in the chart below.

Player Pos Round HT/WT DOB Bonus Comment
Matt Harvey RHP 1 6’4″/210 3/27/89 2,525,000 Signed at the August 16th deadline. Might
make his professional debut in the AFL
Blake Forsythe C 3 6’2″/220 7/31/89 392,400 Coming out of Tennessee, Baseball
America called his arm plus and his receiving skills “fringy. He’s hit .241/.307/.392 for Brooklyn with
trouble making contact: 32 strikeouts in 22 games.
Erik Goeddel RHP 24 6’3″/185 12/20/88 350,000 Love this pick.
Goeddel took two years coming back from TJ and showed a
mid-90s fastball and a nasty slider this spring.
He threw one inning in the GCL on August 14, but hasn’t
thrown in the last ten days, which makes me say, “hmm.”
Cory Vaughn RF 4 6’3″/225 5/1/89 240,300 Monster debut with Brooklyn for the
San Diego State product .306/.398/.548 with power (nine doubles and 12
HR), lots of walks (27) and a moderate number of strikeouts (46).
Greg Peavey RHP 6 6’2″/185 7/11/88 200,000 Signed at the deadline.
Described to me as having averagish fastball/slider combo
out of Oregon State
Kenny McDowall RHP 8 6’3″/185 8/14/90 125,000 Has not pitched in a game this year.
Brian Harrison 3B 13 6’2″/180 12/15/88 125,000 Missed two months at Furman with a
torn PCL and hit when he came back. By his
own admission he’s not yet at his full level of explosiveness, but he
hit his way out of Brooklyn (.286/.352/.548 in 35 games) up to Savannah.
Chad Sheppard RHP 17 6’4″/210 11/25/88 125,000 A draft-eligibile sophomore out of NW State in Louisiana, Sheppard is a fastball/slider guy who has not appeared yet in a professional game.
Akeel Morris RHP 10 6’1″/170 11/14/92 120,000 The Mets love Morris’ arm, but as a HS pitcher from the US Virgin Islands, he’s plenty raw.He was the first HS player the team drafted in the 10th
round. He’s fanned 22 and walked 14 in 19.2 innings in the GCL.

Matt den Dekker CF 5 6’1″/205 8/10/87 110,000 It’s hard to avoid the feeling that
the Mets went budget conscious in paying den Dekker, a college senior, the second lowest bonus of the fifth round. However,
he’s off to a strong start with Savannah (.382/.443/.509 – 14 games) showing a solid approach and some pop (7 doubles).
Jacob DeGrom RHP 9 6’4″/185 6/19/88 95,000 deGrom, who played shortstop and pitched signed quickly and went right to work in the AppalachianLeague, but has been sidelined for the last month
Jeff Walters RHP 7 6/3″/170 11/6/87 50,000 The hard-throwing RHP out of Georgia signed quickly, gave up 11 runs in 10 innings in the Appalachian League, and has not thrown in a game since July 7.

There are 9 comments

  1. Russ

    Toby, great job, but you need to fix the alignment for the round drafted. The numbers are bumping against the height. Erik Goeddel reads as 246′ tall. :-)

  2. Russ

    Toby, what are your thoughts about Brian Harrison? Considering that he is blocked by David Wright at 3B, what other positions could he possibly play at a major league level?

      1. Russ

        Looking at A ball players is what I do in seasons when the Mets are going no where. It gives hope for the seasons yet to come.

  3. MikeMac

    Why don’t the Mets spend like the Red Sox,Pirates,Orioles,Rangers,Blue Jays,Royals,Tigers?What is their philosophy?Dodgers,and the bankrupt Rangers were able to make moves,without taking back payroll.They have scouted,developed and paid for quality talent.Out of 1500 kids drafted there has to be 75 to 125 kids with first round grades.But the Mets perfer to go after cheaper versions.We buy mediocre talent and expect star player returns.Mets talk all these kids up.Most of them never turn into anything.What happened to Alex Escobar?Phillip Humber,Carlos Gomez,Kevin Mulvey,Deoilis Guerra.What have any of them amounted too?I still think we need more time on Ike and Thole.

    It also frustrates me that we have zero pitching prospects coming next year.It looks like the Mets will be scaling back on payroll again.What will the 2011 rotation look like.Santana,Pelfry,Niese,Dickey,and who?From reading Toby’s blog all our pitchers are struggling.Or maybe,they just are not good.Which goes back to my original point,why do the Mets not spend on top quality prospects.Having a stocked farm system gives you options.I just do not understand.

    1. mistermet

      Just to play devil’s advocate, Humber was the #3 overall pick and should’ve been a stud if he didn’t blow out his arm. Gomez was rushed like crazy but certainly has tools (and it seems they’ve done the same to Fernando and Ruben Tejada). I don’t think you can say these guys weren’t talented or didn’t deserve to be talked up…the fact is that most prospects don’t pan out. The problem is that the Mets spend so little on prospects that when they do get a blue chipper, he basically HAS TO pan out. Otherwise the system looks even more barren than it is. A team like the Sox spend a ton on the draft and IFA’s and so they’ll have a number of upper echelon prospects who may or may not make it. To go along with that, a good team knows that rushing players is not a good way to develop ML talent. It all comes down to money and sadly, the Wilpons continue to cheap out in the draft. Apparently they think that their fans are stupid.

  4. Bren

    It is the life of a Met fan. The fact that they have produced a middle of the road farm over the last few years is amazing, and incredibly frustrating. Like others have said, it could be so much better. They’ll just tell everyone that they’ve spent 104% of their slot money without mentioning how low that puts them overall or that they had the #7 choice and almost had to spend like in 2008…

    I hate to be so negative, especially with the kids. I think we should all be thankful that MLB doesn’t allow teams to trade picks though. As we’ve seen from the Wagner debacle they’re more willing to use the draft as a way to cut costs than raise them…

    By the way, anyone notice that the other guy besides Carter in that deal, Eddie Lora, has voluntarily retired? I don’t even want to mention what the Red Sox used those picks for…

    1. mistermet

      Didn’t even hear that Lora retired. Ugh…they traded a first rounder and a sandwich pick for a 27 year old backup OFer/pinch hitter. I like Chris Carter but certainly not THAT much.

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