Experts on the Mets Draft


The draft has come and gone and now everyone has opinions.

Jim Callis at Baseball America:

I loved the Dominic Smith pick at No. 11–what a bat–and though they got good value on Jared King (fifth round) and Matt Oberste (seventh). I wasn’t blown away otherwise, to be honest, as they took Church, Wilson and Meisner all much higher than we rated them at BA. Too each his own, obviously, but we weren’t as high on their second- through fourth-rounders as the Mets were.

John Sickels of SBNation/

upside early then shifting gears to more polished college guys. Smith has the bat for first base and could win gold gloves too. Church and Meisner are athletic, projectable types who will need patient development; Wilson is a strong athlete who will need similar perseverance. Bloodlined Mazzilli, switch-hitting King, power hitter Oberste, strike-throwing Knapp, and speedy Biondi are all solid college choices in their rounds who provide depth to the system; all have a chance to exceed expectations. There is risk at the top but balance as well.


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