Fangraphs on Mets Top Ten Prospects, led by Wilmer Flores

Fangraphs is all about the New York Mets system today.

First, Byran Smith spent some time discussing the Mets Top Tier guys: Wilmer Flores and Matt Harvey.
Marc Hulet then wrote up the site’s Top Ten Mets prospects:
1. Wilmer Flores
2. Kirk Nieuwenhuis
3. Matt Harvey
4. Juan Urbina
5. Fernando Martinez
6. Aderlin Rodriguez
7. Reese Havens
8. Cesar Puello
9. Cory Vaughn
10. Robert Carson

As lists go, I think this is a very good one.  However, I think Hulet’s player comparisons are odd.  He first comps Kirk Nieuwenhuis to Reed Johnson.
Later, he writes of Aderlin Rodriguez that “there are some similarities to a young Edwin Encarnacion, although the Mets prospect has much more patience at the plate.”  Um, ok.  At age 18, Encarnacion hit .270/.316/.407 in 52 games in the Pioneer League and then .306/.355/.453 in 45 games with Savannah, back when the Nats were a Rangers affiliate.  At the same age, Rodriguez hit .312/.352/.556 in the Appalachian League.  Encarnacion after all, was just waived by the Blue Jays.  If you’re putting Aderlin Rodriguez in the Mets top 10, it’s because you think he can hit, and hit a lot.

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