Fernando Martinez Trade News; Justin Turner Update

On Monday, Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportes.com, tweeted that Mets prospect Fernando Martinez would make his winter league debut tonight for the Escogido Lions.  Rojas also shared that Escogido and the Licey Tigers were involved in trade talks for the young Martinez.

Hansel Matthews, of Hoy Digital (a Dominican Newspaper), gives us some details in the trade negotiations between Licey and Escogido.

According to Matthews, Escogido was intent on trading Martinez to Licey on Monday, but when Escogido offered Martinez for the versatile Emilio Bonifacio, Licey rejected the offer.  Escogido representative, Angel Santana then called Licey once again and offered Martinez for rookies Carlos Peguero and Carlos Truinfel (both Seattle Mariner prospects), but Licey rejected the offer once again deeming it to much to give up for Martinez.

So from the looks of things, Fernando Martinez is set to make his DWL debut tonight, for los Leones de Escogido.  Last winter, Martinez was named MVP of the Caribbean Series, while leading Escogido to the championship.  Martinez photo courtesy of Escogido.com

According to the Leones de Escogido website, Mets prospect Justin Turner is also set to make his debut.  According to the article, Turner arrived to the Dominican Republic on Saturday and has been training since arriving.  Turner is said to see action at second base, shortstop, and third base for Escogido.  Turner hit .316 12 HR 43 RBI between AAA-Norfolk (Orioles) and AAA-Buffalo in 2010.

There are 8 comments

  1. theperfectgame

    Talk about a misleading header (Martinez trade news).

    Also, Turner’s numbers are from AAA Buffalo and the Orioles’ AAA affiliate in Norfolk (not AA Binghamton).

      1. theperfectgame

        Do you really think it’s not a misleading headline? I’m just saying that when I read the headline, “Fernando Martinez trade news”, my first thought was, “Where’s he headed and who are the Mets getting back in return?”, and I doubt I’m alone.

        Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if he’s traded in the DWL, he’s still a Met when the spring rolls around, right? If not, then I apologize and you’re totally right that this is news.

      2. theperfectgame

        “If not, then I apologize and you’re totally right that this is news.”

        Should read

        “If not, then I apologize and you’re totally right that that’s an appropriate headline.”

        I’m not arguing that it isn’t news, just that the headline is misleading.

      3. Michael Diaz

        This trade does not change that he is a part of the Mets organization, but yes this is legit news. The headline is legit, although not what most will think it is. More people will be interested in reading it, I might add.

  2. Not4Nuttin

    Sorry Michael,

    But there is a BIG difference between something being legit news and being misleading. Even assuming that a trade among Caribbean Winter League teams is legit news for this site, Perfect’s point above is dead on. It gives the reader the false sense that the Mets have traded Martinez. There is no two ways about it when you consider the context of where the statement is made.

    This is a Mets minor league site, not a Caribbean Winter League site. The readers here are concerned with the Mets and their prospects. While some readers on this site may actually give a rats arse about a trade among Caribbean teams, those people are few and far between (at best).

  3. theperfectgame

    So as not to appear unable to see the forest through the trees, I will say I’m glad to hear the news about Justin Turner. It had seemed like he’d fallen off the face of the planet after hitting for the cycle in Buffalo’s season finale last September. Hopefully he can put together a good audition for the new front office, and earn a real shot at being the Mets’ Next Top Second Baseman.

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