Giants Sweep Baseball into Post-Season Mode

Well, I didn’t see that coming. I really had no idea who would win a Tigers-Giants series. That’s the thing about a seven-game series in baseball. I thought in many respects, the Giants’ contact ability combined with the Tigers’ lousy defense made it a good matchup for the Giants. On the other hand, I thought Detroit had two starts of Verlander and the series’ best two bats. Whoops.

The really surprising thing is that the Giants’ swept the Tigers. The Giants held the Tigers scoreless in two games and to a .159/.243/.246 line in four world series games. That’s a really good way to do business if you’re a Giant, and a bad way to do business if you’re a Tiger.

I loved the ending. Sergio Romo had thrown nothing but sliders to the two right-handed batters he faced in the Detroit 10th inning, until his final pitch. Then, he painted a fastball on the inside black to straighten up Miguel Cabrera for a called third strike. You can see on the video here (around the 0:28 mark) that Cabrera is has started his hands out, and is about to dive over the plate to go get a slider. Romo fooled him.

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