Goldstein on Davis and Havens

At Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein did a look at all of this year’s first round picks, as the August 15th signing deadline approached.  Below are his comments on the Mets two first-rounders.

18. New York Mets: Ike Davis, 1B, Arizona State
Status: Signed, $1.575 million
Performance: Hitting only .248/.297/.321 at Short-season Brooklyn, Davis has yet to come close to matching the performance of other college sluggers. He’s been homerless in his first 35 games, although he does have 10 doubles in 137 at-bats. Nonetheless, he’s been a disappointment.

22. New York Mets: Reese Havens, SS, South Carolina
Status: Signed, $1.419 million
Performance: Already cruising at .261/.370/.493 with Short-season Brooklyn, Havens’ nice numbers are made all the more impressive by an elbow injury limiting him to a DH-only role before a groin injury put him on the disabled list, possibly ending his year. There are still rumors that the Mets would like to see if he can convert to catcher.

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  1. NateW

    these two have certainly not impressed, but it seems like many times you have to give the top draft picks into their first full season to see what they really have.

    Holt has impressed enough to make the draft not look like a complete flop so far…

  2. NateW

    Mets have shuffled 2B today.

    Peeter Ramos to Bingy, sitting out today.
    Greg Veloz to St. Lucie, batting leadoff.
    Savannah is off today so they don’t get a 2B. Maybe they get Voyles or Matt Smith?

    Tobi Stoner with 7(!!) BB in 5 IP today. Somehow only 1 run allowed.

    1. NateW

      when a prospect for an NL team has only played DH I’m not impressed… fielding is the bigger part of the game for a SS.

      His hitting numbers are decent, and his ability to take a walk is impressive, but overall its just not there yet for me. Lets see him playing the field and hitting at a level not well below his ability before we say we are impressed.

      1. Displaced Mets Fan

        I think the difference is Havens hasn’t done anything bad yet, but he has not impressed — Davis has left more of a negative impression

      2. Displaced Mets Fan

        That is to say, Havens has not given any indication he won’t hit or he won’t field, etc., but he certainly has not been unimpressive. It was nice to see him get back out on the field and have a big offensive night in the process, but my point is simply that Goldstein, at the time he wrote the piece, was not wrong in saying he has not impressed yet.

  3. big baby

    that’s anywhere from ‘a little’ to ‘very’ over the top.

    dude was ops’ing like .870 in a league that craps on LH hitting, while injured.

    that’s impressive.

  4. GravediggerHebner

    Havens performed well in the batter’s box, yes. He’s also supposed to field at shortstop, or perhaps second base, or possibly at catcher, but unfortunately due to his multiple injuries we may not begin to know about his abilities in the field regardless of position until ’09. I can’t label him ‘impressive’ overall when 50% of his game has yet to be seen post-college.

    1. Tim in LA

      What’s up with this DH-only, “out for the season” talk? Havens played an errorless game of SS today, and went 2-4 with a double or something like that.

      This guy looks nice. Goldstein needs to update his notes, and you guys should follow suit!

      1. NateW

        …it was his first game in the field. Everything noted earlier was true at the time it was posted.

        Good to see him get out there finally. Hopefully he can stay healthy and get am ‘impressive’ month in.

    1. GravediggerHebner

      Since I made the original ‘50%’ reference I’ll assume you’re directing the ‘really’ at me. Yes, ‘really’, because he had NOT played the field until yesterday, thus only doing half (or 50%) of his job.

      The Dan Murphy comment must be directed at someone else as I made no mention of Dan Murphy so I’ll leave that one to whom it’s intended.

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