Hi Turner. Bye Emaus

More later, but Brad Emaus who was hitting .162/262/.162 in 44 AB, has been DFA’d and Justin Turner, who was hitting .300/.364/.475 in 40 AB in Buffalo was recalled from AAA.

I like it.  I had Turner ranked ahead of Emaus in my organizational Top 41.  I wrote this longish postd about the 2B competition when Castillo was released again making the case for Turner.

There are 4 comments

  1. NickM

    Disappointed Emaus didn’t get more of a chance; 42 PA? Bleh. You just aren’t going to get a whole lot of useful information out of that. I love this front office, but they have been a little knee-jerky.

    I do like Turner more though, so its not all bad. Hopefully he gets a much more longer leash, though.

  2. theperfectgame

    Very, very pleased with this move. He’s been the best option for the position since last July. Great to see him finally getting a shot.

  3. WC

    Hopefully it’ll be a straight platoon, outside of his baserunning error Murphy’s done a decent job there. Overall numbers look bad in the small sample, but pinch hitting isn’t easy and he’s doing things to help the team in his starts (decent numbers as a starter).

    It’d be nice if they had more faith in Turner defensively. If they had a platoon 2b who they felt comfortable getting a start or two at SS, they could make room for a hitter on the bench (Evans?) instead of Hu.

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