HoF Follow Up

I wrote a few angry words about the Hall of Fame balloting earlier this week. The Hall of Fame is weird – it doesn’t matter as far as games on the field, and wins and losses. Rather, it matters as far as telling the story later. And the story it’s telling now is nonsensical.

Jayson Stark pretty much nailed it at ESPN when he wrote repeatedly, “It happened.”

Jay Jaffe’s chat at Baseball Prospectus provides a solid coda on the whole thing.

One of the fascinating parts of this is the way people are twisting and cherry picking data, or writing without data, and relying on assertions. For example, at ESPN, Buster Olney wrote that the Hall needed to permit writers to list more than 10 candidates and that would solve everything. Meanwhile, at Baseball Prospectus, providing a direct rebuttal to Olney, Russell Carleton digs through the data in the voting to find that roughly 1/4 of the voters even used all 10 spots as is suggesting that expanding the ballot past 10 names would have only a very small effect on the voting process.

Ok, back to prospects next week. Promise.


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