Intersquad Sunday

As I strolled into the Mets minor league camp today, the first rounds of intersquad games were under way. I was really focused on getting a good look at the pitchers today, and got some good video of a number of guys. I was impressed by some of the arms I saw, and was equally disappointed in others. Here are some of the notes I took from today’s action:

Matt Harvey showed why the Mets selected him in the first round. His fastball sat comfortably at 93-95mph with life in the zone. His front side flew open when he tried to overthrow the baseball, but he showed clean and easy mechanics. He threw a power slider (82-84 mph) with good tilt and late bite, and commanded it well. His curveball (80-81) was his best offspeed offering. It had hard two-plane break to it with very tight spin and hard downward break. He also showed a potential plus change-up (83-84), with good arm speed, fade, and sink. His demeanor on the mound was outstanding as well.

Steven Matz, who did not pitch today, told me he has had a couple of minor setbacks in his rehab stint, but he is on schedule to pitch later this summer for a short-season team.  He will be staying in PSL for extended spring training.

– Binghamton pitching coach Marc Valdes told me that Brad Holt threw the ball well today.  His fastball was solid and he looked good today.  His fastball velocity was solid at 91-94.

Greg Peavey was very impressive today.  He showed a clean and smooth delivery, that is easily reapetable.  He showed an above average fastball with some arm side run, sitting comfortably at 91-93.  His free and easy mechanics make his fastball jump on hitters.  He also showed a solid curveball (83-84) with solid two-plane break.

Mark Cohoon cruised through his first inning of work, then was hit hard in his second inning, as he elevated most of his pitches.  His fastball sat at 88-89, and is effective when down in the zone.  He showed a solid curveball and good change-up, but he must locate well to be effective.  Jeff Flagg hit a deep HR to centerfield off of Cohoon.

Kyle Allen showed a good change-up, but lacked velocity on his fastball.  His change-up had good fade and sink, to go with good arm speed.  His fastball was disappointing at 85-87, but he did locate it well.

Scott Moviel didn’t command the ball very well, as his front side flew open often.  His fastball was average at best sitting at 88-89.

Ryan Fraser did not command the ball well today.  His fastball (89-90) produced a bunch of groundballs due to good sink and arm side run.  His slider sweeps across the zone, and is particularly tough against right handed hitters.

Eric Beaulac told me his hip feels good, and is on schedule to open the season healthy.

Francisco Pena hit a deep HR to left-centerfield off of Armando Rodriguez.


Stay tuned for more notes,video, and photos from this weeks action…

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    1. Michael Diaz

      Sorry it took so long to respond, but I did see Coultas around camp. Not certain if he pitched yet, but I did see him working with the other pitchers.

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