Jeurys Familia- Update

Mike Newman, of Scouting the Sally, tweeted an update of Jeurys Familia from spring training. Familia’s fastball was reported clocked at 92-94mph, while topping out at 96. Earlier this week, Adam Rubin, also tweeted a Familia update. According to Rubin, the initial reports of Familia hitting 100mph were a little overstated, but Familia was definitely 96-98mph in his last outing.

If Familia can maintain that type of velocity, he will most certainly boost his prospect status. Like most young pitchers, Familia must work on the developing his secondary pitches as well as working on his fastball command. The buzz from Mets camp has been mostly on prospects. Impressive showings by Ike Davis, Fernando Martinez, Ruben Tejada, and Jennry Mejia in big league camp, and Familia in the minor league camp, have fans encouraged with the influx of young talent.

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  1. mistermet

    i’ve been saying to people for about a year or so now that the farm system will look a lot stronger come 2010, as some of these young guys develop and move up. glad my prophecy has panned out so far. great news on Familia as well. good to see his FB climbing the velocity ladder. between him and Mejia, we could really have something special at the top of the rotation by 2012/2013 (as long as Jerry doesn’t get his way with Mejia in the pen and they both refine those secondary offerings). guys like Holt and Kyle Allen are really getting me excited about the future!

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