John Maine Pitches by Type & Inning Sunday

Remember when John Maine threw his slider?  Neither do I… Here is Maine’s pitch selection by inning and type from Sunday Night:

Pitch Type
Inning FB SL CH Total
1 18 2 20
2 20 3 5 28
3 16 9 25
4 18 2 6 26
5 11 1 3 15
Total 83 6 25 114
Percentage 73% 5% 22%

Per fangraphs, here is his pitch selection by percentage by year :

2006 73 11 11 5
2007 66 21 12
2008 70 10 18 1
2009 72 16 12 1
2010 51 30 19

In 2007, Maine’s best year, he threw his fastball the least of any of his MLB seasons, using an off-speed pitch 33% of the time.  His slider percentage was the highest of any of his full seasons.

Sunday, he threw his change extensively at the expense of his slider.  Coming into the night, he was throwing his slider 30% of the time in 2010.  What’s this mean?  He wasn’t working in the same way as he had when he had his greatest success.  What else does it mean?   Suggestions?

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    1. WC

      I don’t think getting near 100 pitches through 4 innings is serviceable. He never should have been out there for the 5th.

      I love Maine, but unless the fastball comes back, he’s done. He needs to be in AAA. Preferably converted to relief. Even if he gets his velocity back in the starting rotation, he would still need to learn how to be economical.

      1. Toby Hyde

        I was speaking to the result, 3 R -5 IP as serviceable. The process was very ugly, and some other, or most other times, he probably won’t be so lucky. The point is that I can’t see the Mets pulling him from the rotation now.

  1. fonzy888

    I suppose by any definition he was “serviceable” tonight, but if this organization had any foresight — of course we know they don’t — it should be time for Gee to get a shot.

    First of all, let me say that I LOVED Maine at his best. He was, without hyperbole, my favorite Met from 2006-2008 (I even got a Maine t-shirt jersey from and I hardly ever buy mlb crap). His performance in the ’06 playoffs, in all of ’07 and that 1-hit, 14-K masterpiece to end the season, followed by a decent year in ’08, should not be forgotten by the franchise. People trash him constantly now, but I don’t forget what he gave us, nor that it was more than could have ever conceivably been expected. BUT, this isn’t the same pitcher anymore. Not even close. You could say (I hope he didn’t in his post-game comments) that it was “just one bad pitch”, but the reality is that he was pretty much meat all night long. He cannot survive with his arm in the state it’s in now. He has options and he needs to be working through this in AAA. Not b/c him pitching at the major league level is costing us anything, in reality; we are a bad team with or without him, and we’re not making the playoffs either way. But you have to recognize that he cannot get major hitters out with anything resembling consistency. It’s almost luck when he gets through an inning unscathed right now. Based on what Gee has done in his MiLB career, he’s earned a shot.

    If Maine gets another start, you can’t cry about it and it’s not an indefensible decision by any stretch. But sending him to AAA really is the right move and I think we all know it. And, like everything with this organization, Omar won’t make the move until it’s well past due.

    1. theperfectgame

      I’m not sure “sending him to AAA” is as easy as it sounds. Isn’t he out of options? I believe he’d have to clear waivers. Although maybe the Mets are willing to gamble that no one will pick up his salary. Still, if they’re going to convert him to a RP, I’d think they’ll simply do it at the ML level. If they’ll throw a kid in the ML bullpen who has no experience as a RP AND no experience vs, MLB or AAA hitters (not to mention minimal experience and minimal success against AA hitters), seems like they’d be willing to do it with Maine.

  2. NateW

    My thought would be that the slider is being blamed as the cause of his shoulder issues so he isn’t throwing it to stay healthy.

    I think he used to throw a curve instead, and there was talk of reworking the curve into his arsenal last spring, right?

    btw, Maine does have an option left, and with less than 5 years of service time he has no rights to do anything about it. So yea, it would be a simple option to AAA. Personally I think they should have done that at the end of spring training and kept Misch or Valdes (with Takahashi in the rotation) as it was clear Maine was still coming back from his injury mentally.

    Now if he is going without the slider or a curve he might not be a big league pitcher even if he is 100% healthy and confident in his health.

    1. KevnCt

      Maine has never seemed to mature as a pitcher and the speed of his fastball can no longer compensate for his lack of control. He fell behind the pitcher several times, and seems to always be pitching from behind. He is also opening up, just like he did years ago when he overthrows the fastball. Niese has better mound presence, posture, etc, as well, even after all these years. I’m thinking we were all hoping for the 15 win Maine to appear, now that he is healthy. IMO, he won’t last the season in MLB.

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