John Ricco Speaks Truth About Fernando Martinez

Steve Popper wrote about Fernando Martinez yesterday.

Two interesting nuggets:
1. Martinez admits to thinking that, even at 22, as Popper puts it, there’s a “possibility that time has passed him by.”
2. Assistant GM John Ricco goes on record saying the truth.  None of the talent, which Martinez still has, matters unless he can stay healthy and stay on the field.  It’s interesting too, that it’s Ricco speaking on record.

“It’s not that you doubt the talent,” said assistant GM John Ricco. “It’s getting the [at-bats]. If not, that’s in the equation. Angel Pagan was a similar case. Everybody knew he had the talent, but you start to say, ‘OK, how long can we go?’ At some point he’s going to have to stay healthy.”

Here, here.  It’s really nice to see such honesty.  Martinez played 82 games in 2010, 74 in 2009, 90 in 2008, 63 in 2007 and 76 in 2006.  That’s an awfully impressive and consistent record of fragility isn’t it?
Hitting .253/.317/.455 in 71 games in AAA Buffalo is really nothing to scoff at.  The .202 Isolated power is particularly impressive but it won’t matter unless he makes more contact (he struck out in 22% of his 2010 PA) and improves his walk rate (he walked in 5.9% of his 2010 PA).  Neither of those will happen unless he actually plays everyday for a season.

There are 3 comments

    1. NateW

      with the Mets luck they would get the wrong half… the guy wouldnt be able to hit from either side of the plate and have two glove hands…

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