Jordany Valdespin: A Temper Tantrum with Cursing at Collins

Valdespin (Baron)Jorge Castillo in the Star-Ledger was the first to report that Jordany Valdespin “snapped in anger” when Terry Collins told him he was being optioned to AAA.

From Castillo’s story:

the exuberant utilityman snapped in anger in the visitors clubhouse at PNC Park, yelling furiously while his startled teammates looked on, according to two people who witnessed the episode.

Bullpen coach Ricky Bones had to calm Valdespin down, according to one witness.

“He’s not helping himself,” one person said of Valdespin. “Everyone gets upset when that happens, but you just need to shut up and pack your bags.”


“He still doesn’t get it,” another witness of Saturday night’s outburst said.


From Mike Puma in the Post:

According to a Mets source, the volatile utilityman, upon learning he had been demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas on Saturday, got into a confrontation with Terry Collins, during which he called the manager a “c–ksucker.”

The source said Valdespin, in the course of his heated exchange with Collins, also tried to invent an injury and demanded to be placed on the disabled list.


There’s really no excuse for acting that way to a boss. Just because baseball clubhouses are unusual work environments filled with profanity and behavior that would not be allowed in most desk-filled office spaces in America, that kind of disrespect should still be intolerable.

The inappropriateness of Valdespin’s fit is exacerbated by the fact that his performance suggests he belongs in AAA not in the big leagues. The 25-year-old is hitting .188/.250/.316 with a 28/8 K/BB ratio in 133 AB. That’s a 61 wRC+ and a -0.3 WAR overall. Since June 12, he’s 2-for-36 (.056/.105/.244).

What’s the appropriate discipline here for Valdespin? A suspension? Release?

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