Keith Law Followup on Syndergaard’s Offspeed Pitches …

Keith LawAs a followup to his Top 100 prospects in baseball, Keith Law hosted a chat yesterday at There was plenty of Mets talk.
Syndergaard vs…..
Miles (Park City): Who’s got the better curveball, Syndergaard or Stephenson?
Klaw (1:21 PM): Stephenson.
Eric (DC): Great list! It is really a highlight of the hot stove season. Q: Glasnow vs. Syndergaard. Glasnow was ranked higher but the writeup, at least from my reading) favors Syndergaard. Is it a matter of splitting hairs so we should generally consider them both in the same tier or is Glasnow’s ceiling just a little higher?
Klaw (1:23 PM): Glasnow has the higher ceiling – huge fastball with sink, chance for two breaking balls, still projectable. I probably spent more time talking to scouts and execs about Syndergaard’s offspeed stuff than about any single facet of any player on or off this list. The range was narrow, and the consensus was that it’s a solid-average pitch for him. Even if you go 55 – which would be a big improvement since he was drafted – that’s about as good as it will probably ever be.

Emphasis added. We spent some time around here discussing Syndergaard’s secondary offerings yesterday. He still feels his curveball is ahead of his changeup, but of course, other scouts/evaluators looking at it from the outside can feel differently. Law’s done his homework on this question.

Dom Smith (And Keith’s Process)
Andrew (Dallas): 
What do you see in Dominic Smith compared to everyone else who has left him out of their top 100 completely?
Klaw (1:14 PM): I wrote 200 or so words on why Smith is ranked where he is. As for other lists, I don’t write them, and I don’t read them, and I am certainly not going to disrespect their authors by saying anything that might be construed as criticizing them.

Keith (New York): Considering his advanced approach, is Dom Smith a quick mover through the minors?
Klaw (2:02 PM): Relative to the typical HS product his age? Yes. But I don’t think he’s a four-levels-in-two-years kind of guy.

Guys Outside the Top 100
Lenny (Philadelphia): As a long-suffering Mets fan it’s great to see 5 prospects make your top 100. Were any of prospects 6-10 in the “just missed” range? IIRC you are down on Puello and Flores but you like Plawecki and Cecchini.
Klaw (1:09 PM): I’ll do a “just missed” piece next week. NL top tens run on Friday. Plawecki, Puello, and Flores are all on the Mets’.

matt (CT): Is no Flores and indication that you don’t think he can play second? I know the PCL is a hitter’s dream, but what he did there at that age was still impressive to a SUPER BIASED mets fan.
Klaw (2:03 PM): No position except maybe LF/1B, at least not as a regular.

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