Keith Law on Trade Possibilities for Ike Davis & Jenrry Mejia… and Wilmer Flores’ Speed

ESPN LogoAt last Friday, Keith Law took chat questions, including a trio on Mets’ trade candidates and potential returns.


Trade Talk
Ryan (Zona): On the theory that the D-backs are very average across the board, and that they can’t afford to buy players that are both above-average and reliable — might Jenrry Mejia be a good target in a trade of one of the AZ shortstops?
Klaw (1:09 PM): If I’m the Mets I’m happy to take Owings for Mejia, due to the latter’s injury history. Mejia has more upside, but who knows when he’ll be able to handle 160 innings without breaking down?

Chris Owings hit .291/.361/.382 in 61 MLB PA over 20 games last year. Playing in the ridiculously thin air in Reno in AAA, he hit .330/.359/.482 with 31 doubles and 12 homers in 125 games as a 21-year-old.

Jeff (NY): What’s a realistic return for Ike Davis? Should the Mets combine him with some of their pitching depth to get a better return?
Klaw (1:32 PM): Probably something similar, another out-of-favor player but at a different position.

Ryan (PA): If the Mets do get Thornburg for Davis, is that a good return?
Klaw (1:52 PM): Meh. I think you’d like to get more than a reliever for Davis, but given Davis’ performance the last two years that might be about right.

Andrew (NY): Rumor is Wilmer Flores is adding some quickness and speed in fitness camp. How do you feel about him as a prospect if his defense at 2B improves?
Klaw (2:14 PM): He’s adding quickness? Cool story bro.

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