Kiner’s Korner – A Media Sampler

I enjoyed Ralph Kiner, the broadcaster. I didn’t know Ralph Kiner, the Man. From the remembrances today, that sounds like my loss.

On air, he was insightful and entertaining. He didn’t make me a Mets fan, he just made the game better. In recent years, the SNY crew clearly looked up to him, and he returned the favor with grace and humility. Just hearing his voice was like hearing that of an old friend.

– Marty Noble remembers the Gentleman.

– Here’s a fun interview he did from 1983 with Tom Seaver. (via¬†@AntDeRosa)


– Ted Berg did a wonderful series “Kiner’s Korner Revisited” in 2010.


– Some Kinerisms are here.

Also, there are some amazing fashion tips in this photo of Mets broadcasters Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner and Lindsey Nelson (via @jameskann).



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