KLaw Chat: Nieve & Mejia

A couple of Mets nuggets yesterday from the always entertaining Keith Law:

Bhav (NYC) :  What’s the deal with Fernando Nieve? Is he for real, or do Woland and Korovyev have something to do with his luck?
Keith Law: He’s got a decent arm, could be a fifth starter for the Mets, but mostly he’s been lucky.
Jack (Chicago): Is Jenrry Mujia (sic) another overhyped NY prospect? 19 years old, solid numbers in AA.
Keith Law : I haven’t seen him, so I’m not saying he is or isn’t as good as the hype, but I remember when they kept telling us Deolis Guerra was the next big thing.

Update 5:20: I wanted to add a little depth to Keith Law’s remark that Nieve has been lucky and the coversation that’s developed in the comment section. Fernando Nieve has given up a BABIP of .172. That’s ridiculously low. Most pitchers work in the .300 range.

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  1. NickM

    …..except Deolis Guerra is still stuck in A ball putting up lousy numbers, and Mejia is in AA putting up good numbers so far after dominating the FSL at 19.

    I cant figure out why he calls Nieve lucky.. hes not getting hit hard at all; hes given up 11 hits in 20.2 IP, only 1 of those hits was an extra base hit and that was A-Rod’s cheap Yankee Stadium aided HR..

  2. stickguy

    so basically Keith Law has n clue, and can’t be bothered to really look at players before thrwoing out off the cuff answers?

    Neive hasn’t seemed to be lucky. If he was getting smoked and the D was bailing him out maybe, but he has good stuff and has been using it effectively.

    He has also done it against some good hitters.

    Even if he doesn’t last in the rotation, he could be a big asset to the pen.

    and it would be a fantastic find for the Mets if he is the real deal, and can keep a spot in the rotation. THey will have a #5 spot at least open, and can also trade someone else if the replacements are ready.

    1. ravin108

      I think Nieve has been pitching better than his potential. He’s been very sharp with his pitches and we have yet to see him when his best stuff isn’t there. Law isn’t saying anything too demeaning here however he should have never answered the question on Mejia.

      I take the word of a scout like Keith Law as seriously as I take the word of a GM like Steve Phillips. They sometimes make good points but I think they both are very stubborn in their philosophies which is why they are in the press instead of being leaders in their respective fields.

      1. NickM

        well of course hes going to come back down to earth, hes 3-0 sporting a 1.31 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP; its just a matter of how much will he fall back to earth.. I thought his career numbers were interesting (some starts, some bullpen apperances):

        127.2 IP, 115 hits, 4.09 ERA, 1.83 K/BB .. to me that seems like what he would do as a starter a full season, but with more innings of course. I would definitely take that at the back of the rotation.

        But most of those numbers are before he had TJ surgery.. so, maybe hes a “new pitcher” now.

  3. theperfectgame

    Chat summary/translation:

    People with questions about the Mets: “Do you have any insights about Fernando Nieve or Jenrry Mejia?”

    Keith Law: “I do not.”

    You could swap out the players’ names in the questions and his responses and they’d be valid for thousands of other players. This is a classic example of talking and saying nothing.

  4. big baby

    nieve has an awful K:BB ratio and a ridiculous LOB%

    either he stops putting so many guys on base via the free pass or he’s going to start getting hurt.

    1. NickM

      Nieve’s starts: 6.2 IP, 2 BB vs NYY .. 6.0 IP, 3 BB vs TB .. 6.0 IP, 4 BB vs STL.. even with the walks hes maintained a WHIP under 1.00.

      If he walks 2-3 batters and pitches 6+ innings how can you complain? You have to live with his walks like you do with John Maine.. Maine’s k/bb ratio is slightly worse than Nieve’s actually.. they are both flyball pitchers.. for now, both sit at about 10 or so less hits than IP… I swear, it seems like Nieve and Maine are like the same pitchers.

      1. stickguy

        A 2nd, but helathy, John Maine for minimum wage si something any team would take!

        Also, with the St. L game, 2 of those 4 walks IIRC were “unintentional” IBB to Pujols.

        Also way too smalll of a sample size to really draw conclusions on them.

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