Law on Stankiewicz – One Who Got Away

You might recall that the Mets did not sign one of their second round picks in 2012: high school RHP Teddy Stankiewicz. The negotiations broke down over a small (in baseball terms) amount of money. The Mets offered about $600,000 and Stankiewicz insisted that he would not sign for anything less than his slot which was $680,000.

ESPN’s Keith Law saw Stankiewicz this week and wrote the following:

he’s probably set himself up to be selected higher this year.

… throwing well despite getting zero help from his defense. Stankiewicz pitched from 91-96 mph with fringy command, mostly 92-94 in the first with the range expanding as the outing went on. He showed a curve, slider and change, nothing above-average, with good depth on the slow curveball (70-73 mph) and slight fade on the change, plus what I believe was an attempted cutter at 89.

Stankiewicz stands 6-foot-4 and has a very high leg kick, getting his knee up near his shoulder while extending his leg outward, but then he sacrifices his height as he drops down to drive forward. He takes a long stride toward the plate, although his arm is late relative to his front leg and he doesn’t turn his pitching hand over until pretty late in the delivery. There’s also some head violence in the delivery after the release, not severe but enough that some teams will downgrade him for it. His arm is quick and he’s athletic enough that a good development team could probably tidy up the arm swing enough to send him out as a starter.


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