Links: Plawecki, Matz and a Designated Eater

Link– has some quick hits from a Kevin Plawecki interview. There’s some nice stuff about communicating with his spanish-speaking pitchers, and his swing.

He described his swing:

I’m just making sure my hands are on time and I’m in synch with my lower half. When I get in trouble is when I start lunging. I need to let the ball travel, let it come to me. I get too overanxious. I’m trying to limit that. It’ll happen. That’s baseball.

– At ESPNNY, Adam Rubin does his Farm Report on Steven Matz. He also notes that Michael Fulmer was scheduled to throw an inning in an intra-squad game on Wednesday and SS Amed Rosario is “wowing onlookers.”

–’s Ben Hill will be coming to Savannah on May 12. He needs a designated eater. Really.

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