Love For Thor/Syndergaard at BP

Zach Mortimer at Baseball Prospectus wrote up Noah Syndergaard based on his first-hand observations today. He likes Thor a lot.

His comments on Syndergaard’s off-speed pitches are most interesting.

Velocity: 77-80
Command: average
Notes: Good shape. Ability to throw early in the count for a strike, and late for the strikeout. …. Arm action allows me to believe the pitch will be a consistent weapon going forward.
Grade: 60/70

Velocity: 87-90; Command: fringe-average;
Movement: arm-side fade with sink.
Notes: Command currently not on par with other two offerings. However, able to manipulate the ball and create deception with plus life. Deceptive arm speed ….
Grade: 50/60

Note both the descriptions and the grades. In Mortimer’s estimation, Syndergaard’s curve is already a plus offering and the changeup is MLB average.

His Summary

Strength: Fastball is an elite offering with premier velocity and life; curveball ….has sharp break with bat-missing ability; changeup projection; smooth mechanics; ideal frame.
Weakness: Will leave changeup elevated; sequence can be predictable; curveball still has to take a step forward to be a high level weapon.

That, friends, is a glowing scouting report.

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