Love for Travis d’Arnaud

Travis d'Arnaud From Baseball Prospectus’ “What Scouts are Saying” Series:

“Travis lights me up. He’s the real deal both offensively and defensively. Behind the plate he shows great release and arm strength. Moves well with the ball, doesn’t jab at it, and lets it come to him. Has excellent hand-eye coordination and much improved footwork. He’s already a mature receiver. As a hitter I can see him peak around .290 with 22-25 home runs. Needs to stay within the fences now and use the entire field. Power will come. Has off-the-charts intangibles. Barring injuries, Travis has all the tools to be an elite catcher.”


I would describe d’Arnaud as having vicious bat speed – as quick as anyone in the system. He’s been limited to 25 games with a broken foot this year, 12 in the PCL, 6 in the GCL and 7 in Binghamton, hitting a combined .259/.373/.471 between those three wildly disparate levels.

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