Mets sign second-round pick Andrew Church

The Mets have signed the 48th overall pick Andrew Church, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.

Church signed for $850,000, Callis said. The Mets were slotted for $1,138,800 for their second-round pick.

Here’s what was said about Church when the Mets drafted him out of high school.

The important context for this signing aside from adding a pitcher who is interesting on his own merits is how saving $288,800 against the pool impacts the shape of the Mets’ draft class. The table below has the bonuses and slot amounts for the Mets’ picks in the Top 11 rounds.

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
;Slot;Bonus;Player; +/- Bonus;As % of Slot
1;2,840,300;;Dominic Smith;-2,840,300;0.00%
2;1,138,800;850,000;Andrew Church;-288,800;74.64%
3;724,900;624,900;Ivan Wilson;-100,000;86.20%
3;640,900;500,000;Casey Meisner;-140,900;78.02%
4;441,800;;L.J. Mazzilli;-441,800;0.00%
5;330,800;;Jared King;-330,800;0.00%
6;247,700;;Champ Stuart;-247,700;0.00%
7;185,700;325,000;Matthew Oberst;139,300;175.01%
8;156,500;;Ricky Knapp;-156,500;0.00%
9;146,200;;Patrick Biondi;-146,200;0.00%
10;136,400;200,000;Luis Guillorme;63,600;146.63%
11;100,000;550,000;Tyler Bashlor ;450,000;550.00%
Total Slot Used;2,926,700;;;;
Over/Under Slot for Signed Picks;+123,200

If one compares ONLY the amount for which publicly available draft picks have signed against ONLY those slots, the Mets appear to be over their pool allotment. However, that is way too narrow a perspective. The Mets will sign Dominic Smith for under slot, likely a little over $200k under. Senior draftees L.J. Mazzilli and Patrick Biondi will sign for well under slot too. The Mets will have enough money to sign all of their guys in the top 10 rounds and really, almost all the way through the 39th round.

In a perfect world, the Mets might even husband enough money – like $500,000 – to make a run at 40th round pick JB Woodman, who Baseball America reported wanted third round money. I doubt that will happen, but that’s a best case scenario.

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