Michael Fulmer Has a Torn Meniscus

injury-red-crossAt 7:15 Monday night, Mack Ade of Mack’s Mets reported that Mets RHP Michael Fulmer had torn his meniscus. Ade’s full report, “SP Michael Fulmer tore his meniscus last week… was flown out to NYC for surgery that will be performed tomorrow. 

Two hours and forty-five minutes later, although the Mets had not responded publicly or to inquiries, Fulmer basically confirmed the story via his twitter feed.


Recovery times from meniscus surgery vary with a host of factors, including the severity of the injury and the age of the patient. Last year’s meniscus victims in Major League Baseball included Geovany Soto who missed one month and Alex Rodriguez,  who missed 44 days. Among pitchers, Javier Vasquez claimed this offseason that he would be fully recovered from meniscus surgery in “two to three weeks,” while Dodgers’ minor leaguer Matt Palmer was expected to miss six to eight weeks after surgery on his medial meniscus. For Mets and meniscus (is that Metsiscus?) Johan Santana was masterful on short rest at the end of the 2008 season, but required offseason knee surgery on his left knee.

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