Midday Links: Law on Holt, STS on Shields and Straight Crazy

Law on Holt
Oooph.  ESPN’s Keith Law was not impressed by Brad Holt on Tuesday at all.

….Holt threw almost
exclusively fastballs, touching 93 but working mostly at 90-91, and the
pitch lacks life or sink. He threw a few soft-breaking 86-87 mph sliders
but the pitch was well below-average. I couldn’t project Holt as more
than a middle reliever based just on this look.

I keep coming back to this and I’ll repeat it again: in 2008, Brad Holt was 93-95 with his fastball.  His velocity hopped up that year for the draft and has not been the same in over a year now.

STS on Shields
Mike Newman of Scoutingthesally.com ranked Robbie Shields as the #5 2B prospect in the SAL in 2010, projecting that the shortstop would move across the diamond.

Dude I Went to HS With Goes Nuts
This guy was a year ahead of me at Stuyvesant High School.  He was the starting QB on the football team for at least two years.  He’s also now crazy and wanted for killing his parents.

There are 2 comments

  1. cjr126

    gotta love it when your #1 draft pick is projected at best to be a middle reliever

    way to go omar no wonder you’re out of a job

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