Minor League Spring Training Game Schedule

Minor League game begin on March 15. There will be four teams – AAA, AA, A+ and A. On travel days, the AA and AAA teams travel together while the two a-ball teams travel (or not travel) together. All games begin at 1 pm. Most are played on the back fields, except on days when the big league team is off, and the kids can use the big stadium.

Note that the Marlins and Cardinals share a complex at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, so all games will either be in Port St. Lucie or Jupiter.

In years past, because so many of the players destined for AAA on Opening Day were playing with the big league team, many players ended up playing a level up. That is, guys who would actually break camp with AA Binghamton, were playing in AAA games, and guys who would end up in A+ were playing in AA games.

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
15-Mar; @ STL;v. STL
16-Mar;v. MIA; @ MIA
17-Mar;Camp Day;Camp Day
18-Mar; @ STL;v. STL
19-Mar;Camp Day;Camp Day
20-Mar; @ MIA;v. MIA
21-Mar;v. STL; @ STL
22-Mar; @ MIA;v. MIA
23-Mar;Camp Day;Camp Day
24-Mar; @ STL;v. STL
25-Mar;v. MIA; @ MIA
26-Mar;v. STL; @ STL
27-Mar;Camp Day;Camp Day
28-Mar; @ MIA;v. MIA
29-Mar;v. STL; @ STL
30-Mar;Camp Day;Camp Day

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