Misc: Zack Wheeler Was Rusty; Rainy Lara Promoted

Rusty Wheels
Wheeler Vegas HeadZack Wheeler told the New York Post that “nothing” was working in his return to the mound after a two-week hiatus to calm an inflamed shoulder. His full comment:

“Honestly, nothing was working real well for me today. Taking 10 days off and missing a start this late in the season and coming back as sharp as you were is tough. I left some pitches over the plate and paid for it. They hit a lot of balls hard. Later in the game, I started getting a little better feel. The last two innings I was getting my shoulder more squared to the plate and, as a result, I was more down in the zone.

An “evaluator” which could be a scout or a higher level front office type seemed more impressed by Wheeler than Wheeler:

“He pitched like 95-97 most of the time and then it was raining,” the evaluator said. “When it started to rain harder his velocity came down a little bit, but he threw good.”


RHP Rainy Lara has been promoted from Savannah to St. Lucie. At the time of his promotion (today) Lara was leading the SAL in ERA (1.42) and fewest baserunners per nine innings among starters (7.99). He was third in innings pitched (50.2) and second in WHIP (0.89).

Lara mostly throws 90-91 from the right side although he will get to 92 once most nights and one a good night and 93 on a better night, but he works at 90-91. He complements that with a slider and a changeup. The slider is below average now, but he has feel for it, and throws it a lot. Multiple scouts have told me they can see Lara pitching in the big leagues – either in middle relief or at the back end of a rotation. It’s nothing sexy, but cheap pitching is better than either alternative: expensive pitching or no pitching.


Badass Bearcats

The University of Cincinnati Baseball team crushes their post-game interviews. This is supposed to be fun, after all.

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