Dom Smith #2 1B Prospect in MLB

Dom Smith Dugout (Neon Kicks) is rolling through their list of prospects by position and listed Dominic Smith, the Mets’ first round pick in 2013, at #2 at first base behind only the Astros’ Jonathan Singleton.

There’s no author listed, but it’s either Jon Mayo or Jim Callis or a combined effort.

The comment on Smith:

Smith joined the Royals’ Eric Hosmer as the only high school first baseman to go in the upper half of the first round in the past decade. That speaks to Smith’s offensive potential, as he has the bat speed and ability to barrel balls that should translate into the ability to hit for both power and average. As a bonus, he’s also a slick fielder.

First base is not a terribly rich prospect position. As the writeup notes, teams rarely draft pure first-base types early. Some guys who will play first base in the big leagues now appear on other prospect lists – at third, or catcher, or the outfield, or even shortstop. Few guys who will play third or catcher in the big leagues appear on the first base list.


Also, on the Dominic Smith opinion front, at Baseball Prospectus, Jason Parks answered a Dominic Smith question in his chat Friday:

MoenPDC (Boston MA): Which 1B prospects do you like more and why out of CJ Cron, Dominic Smith and Matt Olson. Personally I like Cron for his power potential and low K%, I like his chances to find better pitches to swing at.

Jason Parks: I think Dom Smith has the best chance to hit, but I’m not really a fan of 1B prospects, especially ones that are on dimensional power bats with suspect hit tools. Dom Smith is more hard contact than power. I’d take that over Cron all day long.

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