Top 100 Madness has their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball up.  The Mets placed two players in the top 10, and three in the top 100. ranked C Travis d’Arnaud #6, RHP Zack Wheeler #8 and RHP Noah Syndergaard #29.

Jon Mayo, who writes the comments, has nice things to say about Syndergaard’s secondary offerings.

His power curve has improved as he’s added velocity to it and it could be an above-average breaking ball in the future. He has a power changeup as well, which is still a work in progress, but could give him a third above-average offering. Despite his size, he has an easy delivery and he throws strikes. His combination of stuff, pitchability and aggressiveness on the mound point to a possible future as a frontline starter.


If those scouting reports are to be taken at face value, Syndergaard’s secondary stuff sounds further ahead than Michael Fulmer or Domingo Tapia. 

In his evaluation of his own Top 100, Mayo ranks the organizations. Despite just three prospects in the Top 100, the Mets place 7th in his rankings with 260 points (where the Top prospect earns his team 100, and the #2 99 points and so on). This speaks to the rankings issue within the Mets system. There are three guys who have clearly separated themselves from the players behind them.

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