Nothing today

We ran a fundraiser for the Extreme Home Makeover Savannah at the ballpark last night.  I don’t watch the show, so watching them do 12 takes of a happy crowd show cheering really wasn’t that exciting.  On the plus side, I ate a month’s worth of fried Chicken from Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s restaurant.  I got home a little before midnight, so I didn’t have have time to write up a critique of some of the goofier comps I’ve seen on players on other sites or my own review of the Mets SS position.  Coming tomorrow.  I hope.

What are you guys wondering about?  Pondering?

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  1. jesseglaubitz

    I’m trying to decide how exited I should be about Daniel Murphy’s solid DWL numbers. .298/.358/.488 with no glaring peripherals is pretty good. Bill James has him at a similar .281/.339/.455 on Fangraphs. Would that offense be enough to make up for him learning 2B on the job?

    Also, Captain Kirk is holding serve in the AFL. Maybe a 2011 call up?

    1. mark4212

      Kirk with a good start, and depending on the Moves over the winter… Could be on the opening day roster.

      Slight chance at that. But could be.

      1. Russ

        I can’t see Kirk on the opening day roster. He struggled against AAA pitching. He started off strong in the AFL, but he’s gone cold and is 0.212/0.350/0.333 over his last 10 games.

    1. jesseglaubitz

      He should definetly get a chance in spring training. And he could definetly be a bench player if they want to have Tejada start in AAA instead.

    2. mark4212

      Never Mind you answered me.

      Do you think Duda breaks camp in Queens or Buffalo?

      Who do you think makes the cut for the 40 man roster pre Rule 5?

  2. robcast23

    as far as the goofy comps go, i’m assuming you’re talking about the fangraphs top 10 which was surprisingly disappointing. way over the top amateur scouting notes aside, it just read like the author didn’t have a very good grasp of the mets system.

    he stated that kirk needs to improve against southpaws to avoid a platoon role even though he DID improve against them at double-A where he showed no discernable platoon split, though I’m guessing the author looked only at his 22 ab’s against triple-A lefties. and a reed johnson comp? johnson topped 8 homers in just one of his 6 minor league seasons, kirk has already reached 17 twice.

    that and the edwin encarnacion-aderlin one reek of the dreaded ‘same race, same position’ comp.

    1. mark4212

      I agree with you about Reed Johnson.

      I think he compared them to each other because Reed wasn’t a true CFer… They have the same sort of tools, though Kirk obviously has more in the power department and a bigger frame, but i mean defensively and speed wise. I thought the Comp was a little low, but fair, without improvements Kirk is a borderline MLB regular at the corner spots, and with what’s been said about his Defense an ok Cfer.

      The Edwin Encarnacion was a very good COMP. They have roughly the same HR/PA, K/BB ratios… close on batting average for age appropriate comparisons. They play the same positions. And HONESTLY Encarnacion had 2 really good years in Cincy before the age of 25. Something happened at 26 and now this past season and he kind of fell on his face a player. It’s a fair comparison…

      Though Rodriguez is already showing more Power as evidenced by his higher Slugging and a better contact rate as evidence by his increased BA. But i didn’t have any issues with the COMPs they used in that article.

      Not every mets prospect is going to pan out. Can’t get up in arms when someone or multiple people say that they probably aren’t an MLB regular.

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