On Terry Collins, Manager

Terry Collins will be the new manager of the New York Mets after serving as the Mets Field Coordinator in 2010.  I like the hire.

Last year, Omar Minaya coaxed Collins out of retirement to run the Mets farm system.  Following the Tony Bernazard debacle, Omar told Collins he needed him.  Collins, obviously accepted.  Although he wore the title of Field Coordinator, he was more like a Super-Field Coordinator with many of the baseball related duties of someone who would otherwise be called Director of Player Development.  Player moves?  Collins with input of course from his field staffers and Adam Wogan.  On the field, setting the standards for teaching?  That was Collins.  Administrative duties?   Wogan.  Phone call from a player’s agent?  That went to Wogan.  Pure baseball issue?  Call TC.

The Field Coordinator’s first show is organizing and running minor league spring training.  In 2010, Collins made some changes to the Mets programs from the Bernazard era.  The reviews, from players, coaches and coordinators I talked to, were all extremely positive.

Collins is organized, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable.  He commanded instant respect.  It helped that he wasn’t Tony Bernazard. It helped even more that he knew what he was doing.

During the season, I continued to hear that people were enjoying working for Collins.  He was also generous with his time for me and never shied away from answering a question either.

There’s another striking similarity, between Collins and Sandy Alderson: a disdain for mediocrity.  I remember talking to Collins in the first half of the 2010 season.  I asked him a question about a player, I truly don’t remember who, who wasn’t doing very well.  I tip-toed up to the question, but Collins responded with something to the effect that he had no patience for mediocrity anymore.  Sound familiar?   Alderson, said at his introductory press conference: “As far as the system is concerned right now, I think it’s probably middle of the pack.  We should never be in the middle of the pack.”

The other angle to the Collins’ hire is the role of Paul DePodesta.  DePodesta almost hired Collins with the Dodgers and clearly was one of Collins’ supporters.  Also, with Collins’ departure from the player development side of the operation, DePodesta will now have the opportunity to hire a new Farm Director.  Who do you think are the likely candidates?

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  1. Chip Armonaitis

    I would think from what I read during manager profiles that Dave Jauss would be a good candidate. Wally Backman to AAA perhaps?

  2. NateW

    Replacing the director of scouting and the field coordinator at the same time.. complete overhaul of the minor league part of the front office. Wonderful to see.

    I wonder what they will do with Oberkfel, who seems to have been at AAA ‘too long’ if such a thing is possible. They need to promote Teufel and Backman to get those guys more big league ready. Oberkfel has already declined a position on the big league staff preferring to go back to AAA once. Would he take a bench coach role? Is he someone who could handle the field coordinator job? With the guys they have in the FO overseeing, it would be worth a shot for a year.

    1. mark4212

      He might take a job on the Big league staff with collins..

      Be might have declined politely to coach with Jerry Manuel.

      He easily could have seen the light at the end of the tunnel for Jerry, and said. I’m not going down with that sinking ship.

      1. NateW

        If I remember correctly Oberkfel took the job as the bench coach when Willie was fired, but then Manuel moved him to third base in favor of someone else.
        I was imagine that led to his going back to AAA the next year as much as anything. I would think OB would take either job and do well at them, he’s well qualified at this point. By either job I mean bench coach or Collins former position.

  3. pazzo

    Question is: If offered, does Oberkfell accept the Mets’ bench coach job? If “Y” then Teufel & Backman can fill the AAA and AA posts. If “N” and wants to remain at Buffalo, considering Teufel did a good job at AA, does Backman go to St. Lucie?

  4. Bren

    I don’t know a whole lot about candidates because for the most part they aren’t names we know off-hand. It would be great if they could get everyone they really want in such a short period of time too, but I think that is a big ask. I bet it’s a work in progress, but obviously philosophies will be laid down…

    I look at what the Padres have done developing pitching and wonder if some of those guys can’t be brought in by Depo and Alderson though? Obviously Waits still has be be replaced as well…

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