Opinion: Time To Give Gee A Shot

Mets’ starter John Maine was forced to leave Friday night’s 5-2 win against the Braves in the fourth inning due to pain in his left elbow. According to the NY Daily News, he feels he’ll be able to make his next start and even claimed that despite the injury it’s the best he has felt in a long time.

Bottom line is that Maine simply isn’t producing and is rarely hitting 90 mph on the gun with his fastball — so it’s time for Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya to explore other options while the organization tries to figure out what is going on with his velocity… Rather than dipping into the pen (Fernando Nieve, Raul Valdes, or Hisanori Takahashi) for an answer, the organization needs to take a solid look at Bisons right-hander Dillon Gee.

Critics will say he doesn’t throw hard enough, but he has rebounded phenomenally from a shoulder injury that shut him down for the year last May. He’s 3-0 and has allowed just 2 runs with Buffalo in 18 innings… Dillon mixes his pitches extremely well and displays excellent control, similar to that of Rick Reed…

The organization would be best served to leave their bullpen as is currently constructed, including Jenrry Mejia, rather than tinkering with the current alignment and removing an effective lefty out of the pen in Takahashi… plus keep in mind you would be adding to a rotation that already has three southpaws… Gee last pitched on Thursday against Rochester, which lines up rather perfectly with a potential call up and start against the Dodgers on Wednesday evening inside Citi Field…

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  1. NickM

    The issue with promoting Gee is it would likely only be for 1 start, at most, and the Mets would need to make a 40-man roster move.

    Of course, if it were up to me, I would just stick Maine on the DL, cut Matthews Jr., add Dillon Gee to the 40-man, and call him up along with Jason Pridie.

    1. metsgl

      Agreed. Mattews Jr. is awful. I would really like to see what Gee has. There is no point in starting Takahashi. If Maine is injured play Gee. See what the organization has.

    2. acerimusdux

      It depends on if he’s fully healthy.
      I’ve noticed he’s been limited to about 85 pitches so far.
      I would guess they are still being cautious with him,
      as he has just come off rehabbing that shoulder.

      If the shoulder is strong, and there are no concerns there, you are going to want this guy on the roster this year anyway. He’s been pretty dominant in AAA for a dozen starts now, probably not too much more for him to do there.

      But, I’d like to see him up to 100 pitches for a couple of starts first.

  2. Christopher Guy

    Certainly you make a valid point, but I think at this point the Mets need to look at addressing Maine regardless of the injury, simply from a performance standpoint. Clearly something is wrong and the bullpen can’t continue to be taxed, especially with Niese and Perez having pitch counts through the roof prior to the sixth inning lately. I agree with you on Matthews – giving up Stokes for him continues to baffle me. I’m on the fence about Pridie, he’s another high strike out guy off the bench.

    1. NateW

      Yes, its not longer about health with Maine… he simply isn’t performing.

      Maine at one point had a plus fastball and a plus slider, two great weapons to get big league hitters out with. And a changeup as a third pitch.
      The current Maine has a mediocre fastball, sinker, only throws the breaking ball a handful of times a game, and still has that changeup that is so-so. If he were in AA I doubt many would see much of a reason to promote him to AAA.

      Maine needs to go down to St. Lucie, regroup mentally and work on developing at least one big league pitch, because he has none right now. And maybe a breaking ball that he will throw without fear of injury should be that pitch. Then lets see him have 3 or 4 good outings at AAA before thinking about bringing him back up.

      I’m not too concerned with who they replace Maine with as just about anyone at AAA could match his performance at this point. Gee or Misch probably make the most sense, but Stoner pitched on the same day as Maine and is already on the 40 man roster.

      just my opinion, but Brian Stokes would not have made the Mets pen this year and would have been waived. Then again, Matthews shouldn’t have made the team either…

  3. omar

    I know there’s been som concern about his velocity being down last year. Where is he now after shoulder surgery? There’s plenty of successful righties who live in the 90-91 mph range ( including K Rod!) if they have good secondary pitches and control. Gee seems to be one of those guys from what I hear

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