Professor Parks on the Mets

bp-logo-cropped.gifAt Baseball Prospectus, head prospect man Jason Parks did did his thing and talked a little Mets’ baseball.

redguy12588 (Pittsburgh): What did the Pirates give up in Herrera, a utility infielder or an occasional all-star 2nd baseman?

Jason Parks: I don’t see an all-star future; rather, I think Herrera has the potential to play as a regular at the highest level. That’s a pretty high ceiling given the fact that he plays an up the middle position.


kbrown22 (NY): I’m scared that Matt Harvey might already have hit his peak and will never be this good again, can you make me feel better?

Jason Parks: Syndergaard is a very good prospect with a very impressive #rig. He’s not Harvey and he’s not ready, but he’s a reason to be excited about the future.


Later in the chat, Parks clarified on #rig, a running gag of his.
Aaron (stupidville): what does rig mean?

Jason Parks: My definition of #rig has traditionally been: “swagger, only more penis specific.” But it can be nebulous depending on context.

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