Professor Parks: Thor is Great

bp-logo-cropped.gifJason (Professor) Parks took some Mets questions in his Baseball Prospectus chat yesterday. He likes Noah Syndergaard (Thor) a lot.

Thor Questions and Answers
GWesterby (Brooklyn): Taillon or Syndergaard?
Jason Parks: Syndergaard. I think Syndergaard belongs in the discussion for top ten prospects in the game. #rig

Note: this came on the heels of a much longer, well-thought answer to a question about Jameson Taillon and prospect evaluation where guys lose some “shine” as they move through the minors.

Max (Corpus Christi): Maybe an early holiday gift for readers: OFP grades/lines for Syndergaard, Stephenson, and Giolito? I realize you may not have spoken to anyone about these systems yet, but your expert opinion would more than suffice!

Jason Parks: Future projections:
Syndergaard: 7 FB; 7 CB; 6+ CH
OFP: 7; no. 2 starter

Stephenson: 7+ FB; 7 CB; 5+ CH
OFP: 7; no. 2 starter

Giolito: 8 FB; 8 CB; 6+ CH
OFP: 8; no. 1 starter

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Your starting roster for your all prospect team?
Jason Parks: LF: Taveras
CF: Buxton
RF: Bryant
3B: Sano
SS: Bogaerts
2B: Odor
1B: Singleton
C: Hedges

RHP: Walker
RHP: Bradley
RHP: Gausman
RHP: Ventura
RHP: Syndergaard
Closer: Meyer

Matz, Smith and the Mets Overall
huggirl (Joisey): Vegas over/under number of number 2 or better starters from this group: Lewis Thorpe, Julio Urias, Hunter Harvey, Edwin Diaz, Alex Reyes, Jesse Hahn, Steven Matz, Adalberto Mejia.
Jason Parks: From that group, one pitcher will develop into a number two starter (or better). I was tempted to say 0.

Mr Met (Queens): The Mets are a top ten farm, right?
Jason Parks: No. They aren’t a top ten farm. They have some very nice pieces, but it fades quickly after the first few names on the list.

Mike (The Couch): Is Dominic Smith already the #1 ranked 1B prospect in the game? Potential 25/100?
Jason Parks: I don’t see that kind of over-the-fence power from him. I like the bat, but I wouldn’t take him over Singleton, even with Singleton’s recent run of #slack.

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